De-stress Fast with These Foods

Every single one of us knows that stress is always part of our lives. What differs us from the other is how we deal with it. Most of us have their own way to keeping stress down to a minimum but sometimes, it gets the best of us. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways for you to keep your stress down and one of these is through food.

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If you find yourself feeling tense all the time, or you know that your emotions are running wild because of stress, eat some of these foods to help make you feel calm and relaxed in no time. Here are a few suggestions that you should take into consideration.

  • Avocados. This fruit is actually a good choice when it comes to combating stress as it provides protection against it. It is actually quite nutritious given that it contains high amounts of glutathione that can fight off oxidative damage plus you are bound to get beta-carotene, lutein, vitamin E and plenty of folate compared to other fruits. Just make sure that you practice portion control as this fruit can be a bit fatty.
  • Oysters. Oysters are also worth considering when you’re feeling too stressed out because they are one of the best sources of the mineral zinc. As a matter of fact, eating six oysters can actually deliver more than half the recommended amount of zinc per day. Zinc helps you to calm down so that your stress levels will be greatly reduced. Although this is an acquired taste for some, there are lots of way in which to prepare and serve this food.
  • Cashews. You can never go wrong with eating nuts when it comes to combating stress. Cashews, in particular, also have zinc in them and because they are a bit salty and crunchy, you can add them to your salad for that extra crunch. You can even chop some and toss them in your stir-fry to get some zinc into your body to combat high levels of stress.
  • Oranges. Oranges can bust stress not only because they are high in vitamin C which can give your immune system a boost. This protects you against the damage caused by oxidative damage plus you will feel less stressed in the process. And because oranges are easy to bring with you, you can snack on them from time to time.
  • Green tea. Drinking green tea has been found to be effective in helping you combat stress thanks to the antioxidants that it contains. Also, green tea contains theanine which has been found to combat certain types of cancer while at the same time, help you lose weight as well. The best part is that drinking green tea can also boost your brain health so you can easily combat stress and its symptoms.

These foods are but a few options for you to consider when it comes to dealing with stress. Adding them to your diet can give you the tools you need to fight off the effects of stress.

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