Exercises That Help Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a chronic disease — it has no known cure and that’s why once you get it you have it for life.

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However, it’s important to note that diabetes is a highly manageable disease. It’s of utmost importance to put it under control in order to spare yourself from the many complications associated with it, ranging from loss of vision, nerve damage, kidney disease, heart attack to stroke.

When it comes to managing diabetes, keeping your blood sugar levels within what’s regarded as the normal range is everything.

The administration of medications prescribed by your doctor is very important in order to fend off high levels of blood sugar. Staying away from foods that can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels is also important.

Getting your regular dose of exercise is a definite must, too. Aside from lowering the levels of sugar in your blood, it’s also something that can help lower your risk of winding up with various diabetes-related complications, including most especially those that have something to do with your heart.

If you are suffering from diabetes and you wish to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, make sure that you include the following into your regular exercise plan:


A lot of people assume that in order to reap results they need to get a costly gym subscription. If truth be told, something simple as walking around the block or at the park for at least 20 minutes is usually enough to enjoy the perks of exercise, such as optimized levels of blood sugar.

Looking for a more challenging alternative? Go for brisk walking instead. Aside from fending off increased blood sugar, it can also help you shed off excess pounds in no time, which is good if you have diabetes and obesity, too.


What’s so nice about bicycling is that it’s an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise without being hard on the joints — it’s great for individuals who are battling arthritis.

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Stationary bicycling allows you to get your regular dose of exercise without the need to step foot outside your home. It’s great if it’s right in the middle of the day or there’s stormy weather outside.


Just like bicycling, swimming is very easy on the joints. This is the perfect exercise for you especially if you cannot engage in other forms of exercise as your weight-bearing joints are achy and inflamed due to arthritis or an injury.

However, it’s no secret that people with diabetes should keep their feet and lower legs from ending up with cuts or wounds. It’s a good idea for you to wear special footwear that can save you from winding up with cuts or scrapes. If a break in the skin is present, refrain from swimming.

Weight Training

Aside from doing cardiovascular exercises such as the ones already mentioned above, experts say that you should also opt for weight-training exercises that are designed to build lean muscles and keep them intact, too.

Having lean muscles is perfect for anyone who is battling diabetes as they consume lots of calories, thus helping to eliminate excess sugar from your bloodstream.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really have to wind up sweaty and breathless just to have an excellent exercise routine. Yoga is actually a very mild form of exercise that can help keep at bay high levels of sugar in your bloodstream by lowering your stress levels.

There are a couple of reasons why being stressed a lot is bad for a diabetes sufferer like you. First, it can in fact raise your blood sugar levels. Second, it can cause stress eating, which is something that makes sugary foods seem irresistible.

WARNING: Refrain from coming up with a regular exercise plan without first consulting your doctor. Before and after exercising, check your blood sugar to see how it responds to exercise — blood sugar levels that are too low or too high are very serious matters. People with diabetes are at risk of having episodes of low levels of blood sugar. Make sure that you have easy access to a hard candy, glucose tablet or fruit juice.

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