How Long Should You Keep Your Makeup? Let’s Find Out!

Most women tend to hoard our makeup. There isn’t really a clear stamp of the expiration date for makeups. How can we know determine how long we should keep makeup? Makeup that passed their time can be the breeding ground for bacteria and infections. The last thing you want is to place these bacterium prone products on your face.

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Here is a short list on how to long you should hold onto your makeup.


Shelf Life of Products:


Liquid Liner – Last up to two months or less.

Mascara – Will last till three months. It will turn clumpy and dried out over time. Avoid using expired products around your eyes. The eyes are most prone to infection.

Powder Eye shadow – We tend to hoard and buy dozens of eye shadows, but its shelf life only last for a year. Yes ladies, a year. If you have eye shadows that are half a decade old throw it away, now.

Cream Eye shadow – Creams expire faster than powder it will only last nine months or less.

Nail Polish – Polishes will dry out and can cause discoloration in the fingernails after a year of being opened.

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Powder Foundation and Blush – When you feel different texture from your powder and blush throw it out. Most powder foundation and blush last up to two years.

Liquid Foundation and Blush – Liquid expires faster and can cause more irritation on the face. Toss liquid foundation and blush six months after opening. Utilizing it longer can cause breakouts and discoloration.

Eye and Lip Pencil – These products come in solid forms. It can last up to a year or a year and a half. Sharpen regularly to avoid infection.

Lipstick – We have a tendency to create a stockpile of lipsticks at home. Lipstick comes in different colors and textures. Throw away lipstick that tends dry out and cause you cracked lips. Long wearing or long lasting lipsticks should be thrown out after 12 to 18 months.

Face Cream – Pick face creams container that limits air and skin contact. Use creams that are in pump containers to limit bacteria growth. This can last up to a year or more. Face creams that are in jars or has wide openings only last six months.

Sunscreen – You can find expiration date labels in sunscreen, but according t skin experts you can use sunscreen a year after the expiration date


Solid products such as powder and pencils last longer than liquid and cream ones. Remember that when the smell, texture, color of the product change, throw it away.



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