Foods That Can Harm Your Ovaries

Roughly having the same shape and size as an almond, you have an ovary situated on each side of your uterus. As you may already know, your ovaries produce eggs. Did you know that they also release estrogen and progesterone, hormones that are vital for the development of female sex characteristics as well as promotion of fertility?

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What you eat can have an impact on the health of your ovaries. There are many problems a woman like you may encounter that have something to do with the said female reproductive organs. Some of the most common ones include ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS for short.

Diabetes and obesity are risk factors shared by the said problems concerning the ovaries. Minding what you put in your mouth can help ward off the said risk factors, thus lowering your chances of having some serious issues with your ovaries. If you have any problem with your ovaries, having a healthy diet becomes even more important!

Keeping your hormone levels balanced is crucial for the wellbeing of your ovaries, experts say, and having a proper diet can help you achieve that. Below you will find some of the foods you should quit or limit, whether or not you have a medical condition of the ovaries, in order to keep those pair of sex organs of yours in tip-top shape.


Dairy Products

Although they are excellent sources of calcium and protein, dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt should be kept in moderation. That’s because they can cause hormonal imbalance, something that can leave your ovaries in a wreck. Experts say that you should abandon eating dairy especially if you are diagnosed with PCOS as their consumption can increase testosterone levels, causing the symptoms to worsen.


Soy and Soy-Based Products

Feel free to turn to soy products if you want to limit your intake of dairy just to keep your ovaries in the pink of health. However, replacing your favorite dairy goods with soy-based ones like soy milk and soy cheese is a no-no in particular if you have PCOS. That’s because soybeans and other products made from soy can also cause hormonal imbalance, which is something that’s bad for a woman who has PCOS.


Caffeinated Drinks

To keep your ovaries free of cysts, it is a good idea to embrace a caffeine-free life, say the experts, as caffeine is said to cause production of cysts. This means that you should say goodbye to your favorite cup of java. You should also turn your back on a hot cup of cocoa because chocolate contains caffeine. You should refrain from consuming soft drinks as they contain caffeine and one more ingredient, which will be discussed next.



Make sure that you limit your intake of anything that has refined sugar in it. Your figure is not the only one that sweets can place on the line, but also your ovaries. The consumption of lots of sweets can cause blood sugar spikes, and it’s something that can put you at risk of diabetes. A diet packed with sugar also increases your odds of becoming obese. Diabetes and obesity are both bad for your ovaries.


Processed Foods

Definitely, you should do your best in keeping your consumption of processed foods to a bare minimum. All of those chemicals like flavorings and preservatives they contain are said to trigger inflammation, something that can be blamed for a host of health problems such as cancer. According to experts, inflammation can also increase insulin levels, which can leave your ovaries in grave danger.


Unhealthy Fats

It’s a good idea to opt for fish and lean portions of chicken, turkey, pork and beef if you want your ovaries to remain in a healthy shape. That’s because anything that is laden with unhealthy fats can ruin those sex organs of yours. Experts say that unhealthy fats can leave your hormone levels in shambles, and it can have all sorts of negative impact on the ovaries. Also, it increases your risk of obesity, something that’s bad for your ovaries as well.

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