Foods to Eat Before Working Out

Whatever the activity is, it is just right to always come prepared. With exercise, enough energy and a healthy tummy are two prerequisites to a highly beneficial workout.

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Due to lack of time, most people have less the attention given to pre-exercise meals. This in turn lessens the potential effect of an hour or two of sweating in the gym.

Here are some easy to prepare munchies to fire you up in the sweat shop:


Researchers have found that a dose of caffeine before a workout makes people enjoy their exercises better. It boosts the energy and lessens the soreness of the muscles after the workout. Avoid those caffeine products that are sugary and carbonated because they will cause nothing but gas pains. On the other hand, a shot of an espresso is a great before-the-exercise boost. Of course, it will always come best with something to eat.

Bread with cheese or egg

A slice of low-fat cheese and a slice of whole wheat bread provide the vital slow-release carbohydrates and at the same time, go easy to the stomach. Another great alternative is toasted bread topped with scrambled egg whites.

Brown rice with chicken

A bare meal of chicken or tofu with brown rice is the recommended meal when the workout is after lunch or past dinner. Brown rice, which is the better source of the complex carbohydrates, also provides ample amounts of protein.


Another rich of source of protein and complex carbohydrates, legumes make a great source of the slow-release kind of energy. Keep the servings small as they may cause gas pain.


Greek yogurt, besides keeping ample amounts of protein and carbohydrates, also comes with less sugar. It goes easy with the stomach, too. It is best for bouncing activities and intense work outs. For an added flavor and extra0energy boost, mix some fruits into it.

A whole-wheat bagel with jam

Complex carbohydrates are slow-release kinds of energy. The body burns them like firewood compared to simple carbohydrates which burn like paper. A whole-wheat bagel with jam is easy to consume and to digest.

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