Foods You Should Buy Organic

“Organic” is a catchphrase among health-conscious individuals. A lot of people fail to fully appreciate the benefits of organic meat, fresh produce and others mainly because they tend to carry steeper price tags than their non-organic counterparts. The following are some food products that you should buy organic:

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Dairy Products

It’s possible for milk to carry small amounts of pesticides, potentially making it unsafe for children. Organic milk comes from cows that were fed with grains not touched by any type of pesticide and fertilizer. Animal sources of milk should have never been given antibiotics or growth hormones.


Organic meat comes from animals that were not given antibiotics that could cause resistance to certain microorganisms. They were also not supplied with hormones formulated to accelerate animal growth and development. It’s also important to note that meat sources should have been fed grains grown without pesticides or fertilizers.


It’s possible for traces of pesticides and other chemicals to make it to eggs. Organic egg production involves giving chicken and other birds access to yards that are not treated with chemicals.


On the top of the list of fruits containing pesticides are peaches. You can get rid much of those health-damaging chemicals by peeling them. However, it will take away much of the nutrients as most of them are found in the skin. Opting for organic peaches allows you to take full advantage of all the nutritional goodness they bring.

Leafy Green Vegetables

There are many microorganisms and pests that love to feed on green leafy vegetables. It’s for this reason why most farmers rely on pesticides to keep their fresh produce out of harm’s way. Sadly, the consumers are the ones being placed in harm’s way due to such unfavorable farming practices. When shopping for leafy greens, opt for organically grown varieties.


It’s easy for potatoes to be laden with poisonous substances. That’s because the vines above ground level are sprayed with pesticides while the soil under which the spuds grow are doused in fungicides to prevent diseases. Experts say that sweet potatoes contain lower levels of unfavorable chemicals, but opting for organic varieties is still the best.

Bell Peppers

Because bell peppers are commonly attacked by insects, a lot of farmers spray them with pesticides. Bell peppers are not the only vegetables that are best consumed organic. When shopping, it’s a good idea to look for organic tomatoes, celery and green beans because non-organically grown ones tend to carry lots of traces of harmful pesticides.


It’s no secret that coffee is packed with health-giving antioxidants. To make the most out of those free-radical fighting molecules, opt for organic coffee whose beans were grown organically.

Baby Food

Because most baby food are made of pureed fruits and vegetables, it’s not unlikely for many of the ones you can easily buy at the supermarkets to have traces of chemicals that can have negative effects on a baby’s developing mind and body.

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