How to Get That “Natural” Look With These 7 Beauty Tricks

If you ask any professional makeup artist they will tell you that getting the “natural” look is the hardest. Looking fresh-faced and glowing without makeup or the illusion of not wearing makeup is hard. The “natural” look suits every woman; it’s the looking-like-yourself-but-upgraded look.

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You can nail the No makeup look by watching the amount of products you put on and the colors you choice.


Here are other tips to help you get the “Natural” look:


Getting the Right Base:

Getting the natural base is one of the most important steps in the “natural” look. We want a base that gives you enough coverage without making you look professionally done. We want to see a natural tint, not a fully covered face. Foundation creams or moisturizing foundations can give you more of a natural looking skin than powder.


The Right Shade of Blush:

Make your lips as the base of your blush. Using blush that is far from the color of your lips makes it look artificial. If you plan to use a tint for your lips, find a blush that is the same shade.


A Natural Glow:

Highlights can be used when going for a natural look, but avoid using highlights that are too light or silvery. Create a natural highlight by picking a foundation that is a shade or two lighter than your own. Apply and blend on the highest point of the cheeks and the middle of the T-zone.

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Use a bronzer that is near your natural color. When I doubt do a chest test, if it blends well in your chest without looking fake it will work on your face. Sweep a little bronzer on top of the lips, the temples, cheekbones and jaw.


The Perfect Lip Color:

Every woman should have a go to lip color, that one color that no matter what makes your look good. To get a natural looking lip color, pick a shade that is either a shade darker or lighter than your natural lip. Pick a lipstick that has more moisture, this will give off a more natural color. Avoid matte lipstick and lipstick that contain too much shimmer.


The Eyebrows:

Defining the eyebrows without really defining it? Use eye shadow that is a shade darker than your hair color to fill in your eyebrows. This will give it a softer and natural appearance. If you can’t find eye shadow, use your pencil but make sure to brush it out with an eyebrow brush to soften it up.


Eye Makeup:

Remember we are aiming for a natural look. So, stray away from smoky or bright colored eye shadows. A simple tip for picking an eye shadow is going a shade or two darker than your skin tone. You can also use pinks or any color that you would naturally find in the face. When you have dark eyes pick colors that are a shade lighter than your eye color.


The Natural or No Makeup look has been a favorite in commercials. Those beauty commercials advertising facial washes and toners use this look so don’t worry if you don’t look like that when you are washing your face. Another makeup tip when it comes to the “natural” look, skip the mascara and put on natural looking false eyelashes. This will give you thicker and more subtle looking eyelashes

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