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Reasons Why Black Pepper Should Not Be Blacklisted

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You can come across so many recipes that call for a pinch of black pepper to make the resulting dishes fiery and appetizing. Aside from being an excellent spice and garnish, black peppers also offer a handful of benefits to the health.

Black pepper is actually dried pepper berry. It is commonly ground although certain recipes call for the use of whole ones or peppercorns. Used as offerings to the deities and currency centuries ago, black pepper is now simply one of the most commonly used spices and garnishes. If you continue reading, you will find out why it is praise-worthy.

It’s Good for the Tummy

The moment your taste buds are tickled by black pepper, the brain instructs the stomach to produce enough acid to properly digest the food you are consuming. This is what makes black pepper effective in preventing an upset stomach.

Black Pepper Stimulates Appetite

Especially if you are bouncing back from sickness, your desire to eat may be absent. An excellent way to stimulate the appetite is to serve food garnished with black pepper. This also works for those suffering from mild anorexia.

It Relives Cough and Cold Symptoms

Black pepper helps loosen thick respiratory tract secretions, allowing you to attain relief from the usual symptoms of cough and colds. Other than sprinkling black pepper onto soups and stews, it may also be added to a piping-hot cup of tea.

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Black Pepper Detoxifies

Since black pepper is a spice, it is capable of increasing your core body temperature and making you sweat a lot. This aids the skin, an organ of elimination, to effectively flush out accumulated toxins within the body. Black pepper has antibacterial properties too, making it helpful in ridding the intestinal tract of microorganisms that cause various digestive problems.

It Flushes Out Excess Water

The consumption of black pepper is recommendable for those who wish to lose a little water weight because it acts as an effective diuretic. It may also help regulate blood pressure due to its ability to flush out excess water in the body.

It Protects Cells from Damage

Black pepper contains antioxidants, powerful components that neutralize excess amounts of free radicals. Thanks to these antioxidants, the consumption of dishes with black pepper may reduce your risk for cancer and even slow down aging.

Black Pepper Heals Minor Cuts

You may sprinkle minor cuts with black pepper in order to immediately stop the bleeding. As earlier mentioned, this highly popular spice has antibacterial properties. It is for this reason why it can help ward off infection of minor wounds.

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