Health and Beauty Benefits of Cucumber Seed Essential Oil

Every single part of a cucumber has health and beauty perks, from the peel, flesh to the seeds. And speaking of seeds, did you know that beneficial oils may be extracted from them? Whether taken orally or applied topically, there are numerous wonderful things that cucumber seed essential oil can bring, such as:

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Soothed Stomach Ulcers

Having stomach ulcers can leave you in a great deal of pain, sometimes when you’re hungry and other times right after having a meal. An all-natural way to ease the severe discomfort caused by those ulcerations in the lining of your stomach is by consuming cucumber juice with about 5 drops of cucumber seed essential oil.


Freshened Breath

Cucumber seeds are known to possess antimicrobial properties, and that is why oils obtain from them have the ability to zap bacteria, which you may count on each time you want to freshen your breath. Add a couple of drops of cucumber seed essential oil to a glass of water and gargle with it to get rid of those odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.


Reduced Blood Pressure

There are different reasons why cucumber seed essential oil can be used to help in managing high blood pressure. First, it contains minerals like potassium and magnesium, both of which assist in blood pressure regulation. Second, cucumber seed essential oil has diuretic properties that help flush excess water out of the body.


Purified Blood

Speaking of diuretic properties, the ability of cucumber to increase urine production encourages the kidneys to become more efficient in filtering out waste products in the blood. Aside from removing toxins in the blood, cucumber seed essential oil also helps sweep out microbes in the excretory system before they cause problems, such as a UTI.


Increased Energy Levels

Many people swear by the effectiveness of guzzling down a glass of cucumber juice with about 5 drops of cucumber seed essential oil in boosting one’s energy levels. This does not really come as a shock because the mix helps flood the body with antioxidants and boosts blood circulation, supplying the muscles with the oxygen and nutrients they need.


Reduced Joint Pain

Taking a glass of water with a few drops of cucumber seed essential oil is said to be very good at easing painful joints, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. A mixture of cucumber seed essential oil and the carrier oil of your liking such as almond oil or coconut oil may also be applied on painful and swollen joints to attain much-needed relief.


Well-Moisturized Skin

Keeping your skin hydrated all the time is of utmost importance. Why rely on those expensive hand and body moisturizing lotions that contain harsh ingredients when you can simply rely on cucumber seed essential oil? It works best when combined with olive oil, and applied very thinly all over to ward off skin dryness.


Alleviated Acne Breakouts

Earlier, it was mentioned that cucumber seed essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This is exactly the reason why diluting cucumber essential oil with the carrier oil (preferably a really light one) that you love can be used for treating acne. Also, vitamin C in cucumber seed essential oil helps heal areas of the skin damaged by acne.


Toned Skin

Is your face as shiny as a used frying pan? You can get rid of those excess oils without actually leaving your facial skin taut and dry with the use of cucumber essential oil. Add a couple of drops of it in witch hazel and apply on your face using a cotton ball or pad. Don’t forget to pay special attention to your t-zone which tends to shine a lot!


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