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Health Benefits of Worcestershire Sauce

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Have you come across a bottle of Worcestershire sauce at the supermarket but didn’t bother to put it in your shopping cart because you had no idea on how to pronounce it or where to use it? Well, this article is for you!

First things first: so how do you say the name of this condiment? It’s “woos-ter-sheer”.

Now that the unspoken matter about its proper pronunciation is out of the way, here comes another question that needs to be answered: where do you use Worcestershire sauce?

Worcestershire sauce boasts of a very complex taste and smell. In other words, there is no other condiment on the face of the planet that’s just like it. Some of the most important ingredients used in the making of traditional Worcestershire sauce include barley malt vinegar, molasses, sugar, anchovies, salt, tamarind extract, cloves, onions and garlic.

One of the nicest things about Worcestershire sauce is it has a unique savory flavor yet it is so versatile. Actually, you can use it for giving that umami taste to a bunch of things:

It’s perfect for whipping up burger patties and sloppy joes 

It’s a must-have for making chili con carne, traditional meatloaf and baked ham 

It’s an excellent salad dressing and BBQ sauce addition 

It’s superb for a wide variety of stews and many other beef dishes 

It’s also great for making cocktails like Bloody Mary

Needless to say, a bottle of Worcestershire sauce won’t collect dust in the kitchen because you will definitely have it employed in a wide variety of ways, most especially if cooking is an integral part of your life.

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Did you know that this condiment not only makes all sorts of treats taste extraordinary, but also offers a number of health benefits? Here are some of the perks that Worcestershire sauce is known to offer:

It controls inflammation. There many different spices used in the making of Worcestershire sauce, and lots of them have anti-inflammatory properties. Controlling inflammation is definitely a good thing because medical experts say that it’s something that can give rise to a number of health problems, from arthritis to cancer.

It helps boost immunity. Many of the spices present in every bottle of Worcestershire sauce also helps strengthen one’s immune system. In other words, this condiment can help you stay up and running while most other people are feeling unwell and staying in bed during the flu season.

It reduces oxidative stress. There are lots of antioxidants present in Worcestershire sauce, and it’s no secret that those are the primary zappers of excess free radicals in the body. Because of this, the condiment can help reduce oxidative stress and lower your risk of health nightmares associated with free radical damage.

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It improves digestion. There are a couple of reasons why every serving of Worcestershire sauce helps enhance the process of digestion. First, it gets your digestive juices flowing as it makes all sorts of dishes taste and smell savory. Second, niacin found in anchovies bolster the functioning of the GI tract.

It aids in strengthening the bones. Another mineral found in Worcestershire sauce is calcium. We all know that this is a very important nutrient for keeping the bones strong, thus warding off osteoporosis. Also, enjoying foods with calcium-containing Worcestershire sauce can help strengthen your pearly whites.

It helps prevent defects in babies. Then there is also folate in Worcestershire sauce. A member of the B group of vitamins, folate is important for the prevention of neural tube defects in babies, which affect proper brain and nerve development. Pregnant moms and their babies can definitely benefit from Worcestershire sauce.

It assists in lowering blood pressure. Potassium is also present in every serving of Worcestershire sauce, which is a mineral recommended for individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure. But since Worcestershire sauce is also high in sodium, it’s important for it to be used in moderation.

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