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Meet Mascarpone: A Creamy and Nutritious Cheese Perfect for Cooking

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Do you like that irresistibly mouth-watering Italian tiramisu? Well, there’s a particular ingredient that makes this dessert truly unforgettable, and it’s called mascarpone. Let us take a quick look at what it is as well as the health benefits it brings.

Mascarpone is actually a type of cheese. What makes it different from most other cheeses on the planet is the fact that it’s so creamy. It is almost similar to French crème fraiche English clotted cream in terms of texture. Mascarpone is actually just a few steps away to being butter. That’s because it is made of whole cream thickened with the addition of an acidic substance such as tartaric acid, citric acid and lemon juice. The result: a really spreadable cheese! Because it is out of whole cream, you can be certain that it contains more fat that other cheeses you can get your hands on.

Thanks to the texture and mild taste of mascarpone, it is a favorite ingredient in making all sorts of traditional desserts and dishes. Its presence can make just about anything end up richer, creamier and tastier. As mentioned earlier, it is a staple ingredient of tiramisu, in particular the classic Italian kind. Mascarpone may also be added to soups to make them thicker. It is also a great addition to pasta sauces, giving them a cheesier taste and richer texture.

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Mascarpone is also perfect for making a wide variety of pies, cakes and even truffles. Aside from cooking with it, this creamy cheese may be used as a spread as well as fruit salad topping. Indeed, it cannot be denied that mascarpone is one versatile cheese due to its characteristic texture and taste. Just a word of advice: consume mascarpone a few days after opening its container. That’s because it tends to get bad really quickly, unlike hard cheeses.

Just like many other cheeses, mascarpone contains excellent amounts of calcium. This mineral, as everybody knows, is vital for strong bones and teeth. It also contains zinc for the immune system, selenium for cellular health, phosphorous for waste filtration and energy storage, magnesium that’s good for the brain and nerves, and potassium for normal blood pressure. Mascarpone also supplies your body with good amounts of vitamins A, B2, B12 and K. Oh, and it’s protein-packed too!

Now that you know a few important matters about mascarpone, let us take a look at some of the benefits of adding it in your diet. Remember to consume this cheese in moderation due as it is high in fat!

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Mascarpone Helps Reduce Your Risk of Having Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a degenerative disease characterized by the softening and weakening of the bones, making them highly susceptible to ending up fractured. A great way to ward off osteoporosis is by having a diet that’s rich in calcium. The inclusion of mascarpone to your various desserts and dishes can help in strengthening your bones as it contains calcium.

It is Something That Promotes Heart Health

There are different nutrients found in mascarpone that can be beneficial for the heart. They include magnesium, calcium and potassium. The combination of these minerals, according to medical authorities, may help reduce your odds of having hypertension or high blood pressure, something that may cause heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Eating This Cheese Helps in Building Lean Muscles

One of the nutrients in mascarpone as well as many other cheeses is protein. As you may already know, protein is vital for building, repairing, and maintaining lean muscles. Especially if you want to lose weight, it’s a great idea to include moderate amounts of mascarpone in your diet as it helps you build lean muscles which cause your metabolism to accelerate.

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