The Health Secrets of Gelatin

Gelatin is one super food that many of us overlook. Most of us simply eat gelatin as part of our snack or dessert but you might be surprised to find that your favorite jello actually has several health benefits to offer. Of course, when we are talking about gelatin, this isn’t the ones that you can find on the grocery shelf although they are a pretty tempting site with their different flavors. It is important that you look for gelatin that comes from grass-fed animals to be sure.

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So what exactly can you get out of eating gelatin?

Speeds up healing

Gelatin has been found to be useful when it comes to speeding up the healing process because it contains protein, glycine, and amino acids. These three are critical when it comes to repairing damaged tissues and skin cells.

Improves bone health.

Another health benefit to get from eating gelatin is that it can help strengthen your bones. Gelatin has anti-inflammatory properties that can fight off any infection that may be triggering pain in joints and muscles. It can also improve joint health.

Combats signs of aging

You can also use gelatin to prevent signs of aging from happening early. This is due to the fact that gelatin contains glycine which works as dry collagen that can improve the elasticity of your skin. Since collagen production is reduced as we age, eating gelatin can help slow down collagen breakdown.

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Fights allergies

Gelatin is also known for its ability to combat allergy attacks because it can actually strengthen the digestive system. Eating gelatin can soothe any issue in the digestive tract making it easier for your stomach to assimilate the food that you eat and reduce inflammation too. When the digestive tract is healed, there is little to no chance for allergies to get triggered.

Assists in weight management

Losing weight can be tough at times but the good news is that you can help start your weight loss program with some gelatin on the side. What’s great about gelatin is that it has fiber, amino acids, and nutrients that not only help fill your belly up, but actually improve your digestive health so that it is easier to break down your food to get the nutrients in them.

Enhances hair, nails, and teeth

What else is there to get from eating gelatin? How about better looking hair, nails, and teeth? Gelatin contains keratin which is known for its ability to enhance the overall health of our hair, teeth, and nails. So the next time you feel that your hair is losing its luster and that your nails and teeth are not really feeling healthy, add gelatin to your diet and see some improvement.

Boost sleep

Another advantage to eating gelatin is that it can actually enhance the quality of your sleep thanks to glycine. Glycine can help stimulate the neurotransmitters so that you will be able to fall asleep faster and get a good night’s rest too.

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