Herbal Tea Guide and its Benefits

Tea is elevated as an ethereal drink. Known to be a companion of the great thinkers in history as well as the center of classy tea parties among the influential people, this beverage has a reputation to keep.

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Besides being a great tea that is able to calm the nervous system, vervain is used in Australia for depression and anxiety. Medical herbalists use vervain in tonics.


Spearmint tea is great for respiratory conditions including sinus problems. It works best with lemon grass.


Peppermint tea is good for digestive problems. It also works best for colds. Hot flashes of menopausal women are dealt with more effectively with this tea.

Raspberry Leaf

Best for pregnant women, raspberry leaf is able to bring relief to women who suffer from early morning sickness. It is also claimed that an easier delivery can be achieved when this tea is consumed at least two to three cups daily in the latter parts of the pregnancy stage.


Although feared for its pungent taste, sage is considered the best cure for the usual blues. Menopausal women benefit from its uplifting effect, also with women with PMS.

Lemon Myrtle

This is the herbal brew that is perfect for you especially when you are suffering from a flu or winter cold. Its tangy flavor is a great partner great for any black tea. Other herbs mixed with it turn it to a great cleanser. For colds and flu, it is best mixed with Manuka honey.


Flatulence and bloating make us uncomfortable. Lemongrass tea is a great aid to digestion. It works great for stressed out days and headaches.

Juniper Berry

A good diuretic, Juniper berries are best for urinary track problems. A healthy heart is believed to be a result of drinking this tea mixed with other berries.


Lavender seeds used in tea induces the feeling of calmness. It is advised to be prepared with other tea as its essential oil can cause cramps.


For conditions like sore throats, inflammation of mucus membranes, cystitis, and gum disease, a cup of hibiscus tea might come in handy. Recently, it was discovered to be great at reducing high blood pressure.

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