Home Remedies for Furry Teeth

Furry teeth — it’s what’s used by everybody to refer to roughness that can be felt each time the tip of the tongue is rubbed against the pearly whites. It can be felt on just a few chompers although it can also be felt on all teeth.

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Most of the time, you can get rid of furry teeth on your own especially if it’s simply due to the formation of dental plaque, which is a thin film of bacteria.

However, there are instances in which furry teeth can be blamed on the presence of tartar. Also known as dental calculus, tartar is basically hardened plaque. The bad news is that, unlike plaque, tartar cannot be removed at home — you will have to step foot inside the dental clinic for professional cleaning.

Getting rid of furry teeth has to be done not only to get rid of that uncomfortable dirty feeling that could easily decrease your self-confidence, but also keep plaque from turning into tartar.

It’s a good thing that dealing with furry teeth is really simple, and some of the most effective steps that you may take can be found below.

So keep on reading this article if you want to reinstate the smoothness of your pearly whites. After checking out its entirety, feel free to share it on your various social media sites so that your family members and friends may also be able to learn that the following are the best home remedies for furry teeth:


Many people swear by the effectiveness of brushing with baking soda in eliminating furry teeth in no time. Worry not if you find brushing with baking soda irritating to your gums because you may simply rely on your trusted toothpaste.

Just see to it that you brush for 2 to 3 minutes to make sure that dental plaque sitting on the surface of your chompers are completely removed.

Use Mouthwash

It’s a good idea for you to rinse your oral cavity after brushing with mouthwash. You may also stash a small bottle of mouthwash in your bag in order to keep furry teeth at bay even if you have no access to your toothbrush or a sink.

The use of a mouthwash helps kill off oral bacteria that are responsible not only for the formation of plaque but also the reeking of your breath.


On a regular basis, dentists highly recommend flossing. This allows for the removal of food particles and plaque in the tight spaces between your teeth — regular brushing and rinsing with mouthwash, sadly, cannot get rid of those.

Just make sure that you are flossing in the right manner to keep your gums out of harm’s way. Flossing aggressively can do more harm than good.

Snack Healthily

Everyone knows that snacking on fruits and vegetables is good for the figure and overall health. Did you know that reaching for them instead of donuts, muffins or cake can help keep your pearly whites from feeling rough?

Fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber that can help keep your clean teeth as you chew away. Their water content also provides cleaning action. Check out the next entry!


Failure to drink plenty of water throughout the day not only leaves your throat dry and your body dehydrated, but also your teeth feeling rough. That’s because drinking water helps flush away food particles and bacteria responsible for plaque formation.

Refrain from drinking sodas because their sugar content can promote proliferation of bacteria that could cause furry teeth and other dental issues.

If that rough feeling refuses to go away after trying out all of the above-mentioned tips, it’s a good idea to pay your dentist a visit.

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