Natural Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Are you suffering from truly painful leg cramps that awaken you up every morning? Did you suffer for a few months and wish for the leg cramps to end? The advices in this article centered on home remedies for leg cramps may help you. Why home remedies anyway? Because these do not require prescriptions and on top of that, there are no side effects and these are readily available. However, the leg cramps being discussed here are normal ones, and not complicated ones that produce diseases. If none of the remedies mentioned here helped, we strongly suggest that you consult a doctor.

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Before we proceed, let us first analyze how leg cramps happen and what exactly hurts. When oxygenation is insufficient or the body is dehydrated, the muscles involuntarily contract on their own. Muscle cramps are common in other parts of the body, but it is not known what makes the leg muscles most commonly to cramp.

The Remedies

Wanted: Potassium
Potassium plays a big part in muscle contraction. Too little potassium increases the chances of leg cramps from happening. To avoid this, eat foods that are high in potassium like bananas and potatoes. Drinking a mixture of apple cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water is a great alternative. But, really though, why choose the sourness of apple cider vinegar than the sweetness of bananas and potatoes?

Act Alive
Staying in the same position for long hours may strain the muscles and cause them to contract. Obviously, the solution is to move. The best way to do it is by stretching or applying pressure on the middle of the cramp for 15 seconds until the cramp release.

Warm Blue
If all else fails, just take a warm bath to relieve the cramping. The warmth will relax the muscles.

Last Resort
If all else failed, your “if all else fails” option included, then try this “if all else failed” option if all else fails. There is something called “acetylcholine”, a muscle stimulant. It is produced by acetic acid, contained in mustard and a pickle. Simply ingest those.
Everybody hates pickles, but would you rather have leg cramps or taste pickle? We’d choose the latter.

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