Here’s What Will Happen If You Eat a Handful of Nuts Daily

Perhaps you have heard from someone or read from somewhere that nuts are high in fat, and that’s why you’re doing your best to steer clear of them.

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Well, it’s true that nuts are high in fat, but only the good kind and not the one that’s present abundantly in potato chips, fries, chicken nuggets, pizza and steak.

It’s for this reason why adding nuts to your everyday diet can in fact increase your risk of having a long and healthy life. So don’t dodge, nuts — have them often!

According to health authorities, it’s a wonderful idea for you to snack on about a handful of nuts. Do this on an everyday basis and you’ll enjoy the following:

Lowered Cholesterol

Numerous studies have shown that good cholesterol found in nuts are capable of lowering the levels of bad cholesterol from your bloodstream.

You don’t want to have high levels of bad cholesterol because it can lead to arterial clogging, which can increase your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Reduced Heart Disease Risk

Thanks to the bad cholesterol-lowering properties of nuts, snacking on a handful of them on a daily basis can help considerably lower your risk of heart disease.

Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in men and women across the globe? Worry not as it’s highly preventable, experts confirm.

Improved Gut Health

Everyone knows that the intake of yogurt and all kinds of fermented food is good for the gut. That’s because all of them supply the body with good bacteria.

In order for them to proliferate, you need to feed those good bacteria with a special type of fiber called prebiotics, and various types of nuts are loaded with them.

Regulated Bowel Movement

Nuts are also packed with a different kind of fiber, the type that helps eliminate poisonous substances and waste materials from the lower digestive tract.

It’s for this reason why regularly munching on a handful of nuts can help fend off constipation, thus allowing you to enjoy regular bowel movement.

Controlled Blood Sugar Levels

Are you told by your doctor that you have diabetes or are at high risk of developing it? Then you should start monitoring your everyday diet very carefully.

Consider enjoying a handful of nuts daily. That’s because their fiber content can help in keeping your blood sugar within the normal and healthy range.

Eliminated Excess Pounds

Nuts make for the perfect snacks each time your stomach is rumbling — they are extremely satisfying as they are high in good fat and also dietary fiber.

Snacking on some nuts can help you lose unnecessary weight. But there’s another reason why it can help you slim down, and it’s discussed next.

Increased Muscle Mass

What’s so amazing about nuts is that they are phenomenal non-animal sources of high quality protein. Yes, nuts help build and maintain muscles.

Having muscles is a great idea most especially if you want to fend off excess pounds — muscles leave you with a speedy metabolism as they consume calories all the time.

Lowered Risk of Cancer

Because of the toxin-eliminating properties of nuts, adding them to the diet may in fact considerably lower your chance of winding up with colon cancer.

However, there are numerous other forms of cancer that nuts may help keep at bay, experts say. It’s because of the ability of nuts to lower inflammation.

Reduced Joint Pain

Since nuts are good fighters of inflammation, their regular intake is perfect for those who are constantly being bugged by joint pain and swelling due to arthritis.

Individuals who are suffering from arthritis can benefit so much from maintaining an ideal weight — as earlier mentioned, nuts can help get rid of excess pounds.

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