Home Remedies for Excessive Tearing

Tears are constantly produced in order to keep your eyes protected from dryness as well as an infection — your tears actually have mild antiseptic abilities. However, there are times in which excessive amounts of tears are produced by your tear glands without apparent reason, and it’s something that can be really bothersome.

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If you like to know about the causes of excessive tearing as well as some of the best home remedies for it, read on. Don’t forget to share this article later on to get everyone you care about also know how they can deal with watery eyes.

Whenever you are in pain, depressed or even overwhelmed with joy, it’s perfectly normal for your eyes to produce lots and lots of tears. However, there are instances, too, in which the production of excessive tears has nothing to do with the emotions at all. Here are some of the things that can lead to tearing:

A foreign object in the eye

Exposure to irritating chemicals, liquids or gases

Weather conditions such as cold, sunshine and wind

Eye strain

The common cold, flu or sinusitis

An allergy

Conjunctivitis or blepharitis

Blocked tear ducts

There are a few more other reasons why the eyes can produce excessive amounts of tears for no apparent reason. If you are experiencing watery eyes for several days and also it is accompanied by a few strange symptoms, it is a good idea for you to pay an eye doctor a visit so that the root cause may be identified and then treated.

See which of the following home remedies can put an end to that excessive tearing you are experiencing:

Washing the Eyes

Most of the time, excessive tearing happens when there is a foreign object in the eye that your body is attempting to flush out. If it’s obvious that the culprit is a small particle in the eye, try carefully removing it with a clean finger in front of a mirror. You may also flush your eyes with distilled water or saline solution.

Soothing Them With Honey

If you believe that it is eye strain or irritation that is causing the problem, you may attain relief with the help of honey. But don’t place dollops of honey into your eyes! What you need to do is dilute it by placing a drop in half a cup of distilled water, and then place a little of the mixture into your peepers using a cotton ball or medicine dropper.

Using Artificial Tears

You may think that instilling artificial tears in the form of eye drops into the eyes is counterintuitive, but oftentimes this is enough to make the problem go away naturally. In some instances, your body senses that your eyes are too dry and that’s why a lot of tears are produced. Using artificial tears helps properly lubricate the eyes.

Placing Warm Tea Bags

It’s also a wonderful idea for you to place a warm tea bag on the affected eye to put excessive tearing to an end. Doing this can help deal with a number of common watery eye causes, such as blocked tear ducts, an infection and eye irritation. Black tea, green tea, chamomile and spearmint teas are some of the best for the job.

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