Breathe Better and Reduce Pain With Ajowan Seed Essential Oil

Ajowan seed essential oil is commonly employed for alleviating nasal congestion during a bout of the common cold or flu. Oftentimes, it is also used for relieving painful and swollen joints. But there are so many other health benefits offered by this volatile oil, and that’s why it has won the respect of many of those who are into aromatherapy.

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If you like to get to know ajowan seed essential oil, then read on. After going through this article, share it online to have your family members and friends introduced to it, too!

Ajowan seed essential oil comes from sources that are really, really common. In fact, you may actually have some of them in your kitchen this instant, in particular your spice rack or pantry if you are into cooking exotic dishes. They are called carom seeds, the ones that are commonly used for making Indian and various Asian foods really savory.

Carom seeds are also sometimes known as ajwain seeds and of course ajowan seeds. And needless to say, ajowan seed essential oil is obtained from carom seeds by means of steam distillation.

The color of ajowan seed essential oil can range anywhere from light orange to reddish brown. This volatile oil boasts of a smell that is quite similar to that of thyme essential oil, which means that it has a powerful herbaceous and peppery aroma. It’s actually a sign that there’s a large concentration of thymol present, a compound with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is one of the many compounds that make ajowan seed essential oil impress.

Worry not if you find the smell of ajowan seed essential oil on the strong side. That’s because you may have it combined with certain essential oils that it is compatible with. According to aromatherapy experts, ajowan seed essential oil blends very well with bergamot, orange and lemon essential oils.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most amazing health benefits this volatile oil offers:

It Promotes Normal Breathing

So many people rely on ajowan seed essential oil each time they are bugged by the common cold or flu and they find it hard to breathe properly due to congestion. There are a couple of ways of employing this oil in promoting breathing. First, you can add a few drops of it to a large bowl of hot water and then inhale the steam produced. Second, you can dilute 2 to 3 drops of it in a teaspoon of your preferred carrier oil and then massage it on the chest.

It Relieves Excess Gas

Having excess gas can be both embarrassing and uncomfortable. The moment that you are experiencing abdominal bloating and aching, reach for that bottle of ajowan seed essential oil and have it diluted. Massage on your upper abdomen, slowly working your way down to assist in expelling excess gas.

It Alleviates Joint Pain and Inflammation

Everyone knows that the intake of NSAIDs especially in high doses and for extended periods of time can come with risks and side effects. If you are suffering from joint pain and swelling and you don’t want to take risks, consider counting on ajowan seed essential oil instead. Once diluted with coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or any other carrier oil of your liking, you may have it massaged on affected joints so that you may attain sought-after relief.

It Also Gets Rid of a Headache

NSAIDs may also be taken for headaches. But if you want to deal with a nasty headache in a more-natural and definitely a lot safer manner, simply use ajowan seed essential oil instead. Once diluted, apply a little of it on your temples and across the forehead, too. Feel free to take a whiff of this oil with a thyme-like smell for faster results.

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