Home Remedies for Turkey Neck

Turkey neck ­— it’s that loose skin that goes from the chin all the way down to the neck. Definitely, it’s something that can reveal a woman’s true age.

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However, it’s not just the passing of years that can cause turkey neck to appear. Anything that can accelerate the breakdown of collagen, a type of protein that firms up the skin, can be the culprit behind turkey neck. Too much exposure to the sun, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake, unmanaged stress, contact with environmental pollutants, poor eating habits — all of these can be blamed for turkey neck.

If you want an instant remedy for turkey neck, undergo the knife. Unfortunately, this solution does not come cheap, and it surely does come with side effects and risks.

Luckily, there are many different home remedies for turkey neck, and almost all of them are the same natural solutions for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It’s true that they may not yield immediate and dramatic results like having cosmetic surgery, but with patience they can take a couple of years off your age.

The following are some of things that you may try to get rid of that turkey neck:

Egg White

Because collagen is a type of protein, the regular application of protein-rich egg whites on your neck can help get rid of sagging skin without the need for you to meet with a cosmetic surgeon.

All you have to do is lightly beat an egg white and apply it on your neck. Allow 15 to 20 minutes to pass or until egg white is completely dry — you will know that it’s dry because your neck will feel taut. Wash off egg white with lukewarm water and pat dry. If you observe your neck closely in the mirror, you may notice immediate improvement.

Perform this tip every single day to help keep turkey neck to a minimum.

Aloe Vera Gel

It’s a good idea for you to plant some aloe vera in your garden if undergoing the knife is not an option. That’s because the gel within the leaves of aloe vera is capable of slowing down and even reversing skin aging.

To get rid of that turkey neck, simply harvest the gel found inside an aloe vera leaf. Because it’s kind of clumpy, you may have a hard time applying an even layer of it on your neck. It’s for this reason why some women choose to blend aloe vera gel for a few seconds.

Allow aloe vera gel to stay on your neck for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. Do this daily to say “bye-bye” to turkey neck without parting with a huge sum of cash.

Lemon Juice

Did you know that vitamin C is necessitated by your body for it to produce more collagen? And each time that vitamin C is mentioned, there is one food source of it that immediately pops into everyone’s mind — lemon.

What you need to do is regularly apply freshly-squeezed lemon juice and allow it to be absorbed by your skin for a couple of minutes. Lemon juice is also packed with antioxidants that prevent further skin aging. Carry out this anti-turkey neck solution every day for best results.

It will also help a lot if you regularly drink lemon juice and eat vitamin C-rich foods, too.


Everyone knows that a bowl of oatmeal is the perfect breakfast. Are you aware that it’s also something that can help deal with turkey neck because it’s rich in protein?

Zapping that turkey neck is as easy as allowing cooked oatmeal to cool to room temperature and then massaging some of it on the neck. Let it stay there for about half an hour before rinsing it off with water. Some women swear that combining oatmeal with plain yogurt works even better!

Do this every single morning to improve the appearance of turkey neck.

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