How to Do a Digital Detox

Does it seem like you are always stressed and anxious? Maybe you should look for another job, a new set of friends or an entirely different place to live in. Or maybe you should just reduce your use of your smartphone or tablet, experts suggest. Yup, dealing with your social media addiction can help considerably improve your life.

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Just about any form of addiction requires some serious detoxification. Ridding your body of the impurities and buildup can help you turn your back at a much faster rate on something that you are hooked on. Similarly, it can help accelerate your recovery from the many physical as well as mental repercussions of the addiction.

No, you really do not have to go to rehab if you want to end your being hooked on social media. According to experts, all you need is to undergo a digital detox. But even though it looks so much simpler than having rehabilitative care under professional supervision, it’s something that can require a lot of determination and commitment on your part.

Switch to Airplane Mode Whenever Necessary

If you are carrying out an activity that requires your full attention, it’s a good idea for you to turn your smartphone into airplane mode. You will still be able to use some of its functions such as music playing, which can come in really handy if you are working out, but none of those that grant you access to the rest of the world.

The airplane mode is perhaps one of the most beneficial smartphone features there is most especially for people who want to minimize or completely get rid of their addiction to social media. Switching it on from time to time causes the social media addict in you practically powerless, until you turn off the airplane mode once again.

Turn Off Your Phone for a Few Minutes Each Day

Don’t worry if you decide to turn off your smartphone — those text messages and emails will get to you the moment that you switch it on again. Switching off your phone for a few minutes each day will allow you to realize that it’s possible for you to exist even if the rest of the world cease to exist on your end for a while.

Initially, you may switch off your phone for just 5 short minutes during the first week. For a social media addict who is doing this for the first time, 5 minutes may seem like an eternity. Don’t worry because 5 minutes is still 5 minutes. After a week, go for 10 minutes. Try doing 15 minutes the following week.

Have Some Forms of Distraction Ready

While detoxifying from anything, it’s for certain that you will crave what you’re hooked on every now and then. It’s for this reason why you should have a list of things that you may carry out just in case your craving for your smartphone or tablet bugs you. Having the said list within your easy reach can help keep your progress out of harm’s way.

Just about any activity that you love — except for something that consists of using the gadgets you’re addicted to — is an excellent form of distraction. Have a nice paperback novel or a pile of new magazine issues nearby. Take your dog for a walk or jog at the park. Agree to have coffee with your closet friends at the nearby café.

Get Some of Those Push Notifications Disabled

If you cannot completely turn your back on social media, then simply limit their interference with your everyday life. One way to do this is by disabling push notifications. Besides, it’s only when you get a text message from a family member or an email from your boss that you should really grab your smartphone.

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