Incredible Health Benefits of Elemi Essential Oil

Have you heard of elemi essential oil? If no, then continue reading. This article will get you acquainted this fragrant volatile oil and the many, many health benefits it offers.

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Elemi essential oil comes from the bark of the elemi tree, a tree that’s native to the lush forests of the Philippines. This tree produces resin which is commonly referred to as “oleoresin”, and it boasts of a sharp and herbaceous fragrance with a hint of lemon, making it sought after by manufacturers of various personal care products like soaps and perfumes. The said resin is also used for producing paints.

Going back to elemi essential oil itself, it is sometimes referred to as “manila essential oil” or “manila elemi essential oil” as homage to the origin of the tree from which it is obtained. Experts in aromatherapy say that it’s something that goes well with lavender, rosemary, sage, myrrh and frankincense essential oils.

Because the elemi tree is being used by traditional healers in the Philippines for so many years now in dealing with all sorts of health problems, it doesn’t really come as a shock why elemi essential oil, too, possesses some amazing healing properties. Some of the most impressive of them all are the following:

Reduces Aches and Pains

Elemi essential oil is admired for its incredible analgesic properties. It’s for this reason exactly why it is traditionally used for dealing with painful and swollen joints and muscles. Elemi essential oil is also often employed for alleviating headaches and migraine, as well as earaches due to an ear infection.

Lowers Infection Risk

Speaking of infection, elemi essential oil is oftentimes employed to keep one from striking or worsening. That’s due to the fact that this volatile oil has superb antimicrobial properties. It’s not just effective for disinfecting minor wounds and boils, but also preventing infections of some internal organs like the bladder, kidneys and stomach.

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Alleviates Breathing Difficulties

It can be very uncomfortable to breathe during a bout of the common cold, cough or flu most especially if there’s too much phlegm or mucus in the upper airways. When such happens, you add a few drops of elemi essential oil to a basin of hot water. Inhaling the steam produced can help loosen thick phlegm or mucus.

Increases Immunity

Elemi essential oil may also be utilized for strengthening the immune system. This volatile oil from the elemi tree can come in very handy most especially when certain respiratory tract infections are in season. It may also be used to speed up your recovery from an illness that your immune system failed to keep at bay.

Controls Facial Oils

Frustrated that your face is always shinier than a greased frying pan? A drop of elemi essential oil to a little water makes for an excellent oil controller. Apply it with a cotton ball in the morning and at night to keep your face free of shine. As a bonus, this facial toner from nature will also help make your pores look smaller.

Delays Aging of the Skin

The same solution mentioned above may also be used for slowing down the formation of unflattering skin aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Elemi essential oil is beneficial, too, for those who wish to improve the appearance of already-existing skin aging signs. Scientists say that this essential oil works as it helps boost collagen production.

JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: While elemi essential oil may be applied directly on the skin, people who have sensitive skin may want to dilute it first with their preferred carrier oils in order to keep irritation at bay. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and those with medical conditions should inform their doctors about their plan on using elemi essential oil to make sure that they’re out of harm’s way.

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