7 Eating Habits You May Want to Start Avoiding

You might have been doing these habits for some time now while thinking that they won’t have any consequences. However, you might want to think twice. Below is a list of habits that people do after they eat that are best avoided.

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1. Consuming fruits after eating.
Not everyone knows about this. Fruits are often eaten after a meal in place of sweetened desserts like chocolates and candies. However, they can actually do more harm than good since they may inhibit the movement of the food in your stomach thus making them stick before your intestines. This is one of the reasons why physicians suggest that you eat fruits one hour before or after a meal.

2. Loosening your belt.
This habit may actually cause you to eat more than you are used to. This is often practiced in most urban areas but it appears it’s a habit that you should break. Also, eating more than you can is best avoided at all costs.

3. Walking.
A lot of women are guilty of this habit as they believe that walking right after a meal can prevent love handles and bulges. This habit actually contributes to indigestion and acid reflux on a large percentage of the population. Walking is good if it is done right like 30 minutes after you eat and for 10 minutes only. This way, you won’t experience stomach problems and acid reflux.

4. Sleeping right after eating.
It’s understandable that you’ll feel a bit drowsy after you eat due to the proteins in your meals but you should try to control yourself. Although many have said that this will help prevent you from having lucid nightmares, this practice is actually to prevent indigestion. Your body slows down when you go to sleep including your digestion as well as other body functions. This may cause indigestion and when it keeps on happening, this could lead to more serious health problems such as intestinal and gastric infection.

5. Smoking.
Most people smoke after eating claiming that this helps in relieving fullness. However, based on several experiments, they showed that smoking after a meal is more than 10 cigarettes smoked straight. You may think that smoking can help you relax but it can actually cause ulcerative colitis and IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome since your stomach is quite vulnerable after eating.

6. Drinking tea.
Tea is an acidic beverage that can react negatively to the proteins found in your meals which can inhibit proper digestion. In the East, drinking hot tea before a meal is part of their tradition; however, it is best that you take your tea one hour after you eat.

7. Taking a bath.
When you take a bath, the blood flows to your extremities namely hands and legs. This means that the amount of blood that flow to your stomach is reduced which can reduce the speed in which your food is digested.

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