Keloids and Scars Away! Natural Cures

Keloids and obvious scars may only be skin deep but skin deep is enough to get to a lot of people.  You do not have to live your whole life bearing your scars, literally.  There are a lot of natural remedies that can be all found in your own home pantry or in the groceries.  Of course patience is required but do not underestimate the healing powers of natural ingredients-and the amount of money you save is crazy.  Of course while the scar is very young, especially while it is still a wound is the best time to start always being on watch making sure it is always clean, not too dry nor too covered and given proper medical and cosmetic treatment.

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Carrot Seed Oil

Surprisingly something you would not really think of that comes from an underrated and often overlooked vegetable would actually be one of the top fighters of acne, scar removal and evening out of the skin tone.  It is a super oil being a proven antiseptic, antioxidant, disinfectant, anticarcinogenic or cancer battling and a diuretic even.  It is both edible and can be applied to the skin.  An all-around medicine and an amazing, powerful antioxidant with healing properties comparable to superfoods and helps cure and treat stomach conditions such as acidity, ulcers and improper digestion.

You know what to do: just massage enough drops to cover the area and gently yet thoroughly rub into the scar tissue for 5-12 minutes twice a day.


Tea Tree Oil

Popular and ever-fragrant, fool proof and gentle of a scent that anyone would find pleasant.  Favored by many pregnant women to prevent abdominal scars that can become unsightly and hyper-pigment in many cases.  A versatile healing oil that even has mild pain relieving properties and gently yet thoroughly cleanses even sensitive parts and may even be diluted in water and spat out as an emergency mouthwash or emergency douche solution.

Massage a few drops onto your scars and massage until completely moisturized and most of the oil has evaporated, twice a day.


Apple Cider Vinegar

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An antiseptic and also a popular oral cure for those who suffer from gastritis and ulcers.  It can also clean wounds and be diluted in some water and be used as a mouthwash.  It is indeed completely edible and can be used in both savory and sweet cooking.

With a cotton ball or cotton pad dab some pure apple cider vinegar or slightly diluted with a few drops of an essential oil of your choice onto the scar tissue.  Although it is better to stick to pure vinegar then pure oil to get the full cleansing and antiseptic effect of the vinegar and then the splash of oil to moisturize and be readily absorbed by the newly cleansed skin.


Baking Soda plus Hydrogen Peroxide

This concoction sounds like it would sizzle on your skin in a gentle and cleansing way.  Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is found in small amounts in the bloodstream to balance out the pH in the blood down to a cellular level.  Making a paste out of the two with peroxide instead of water creates a powerful antiseptic ointment that is nearly dirt cheap to attain.  Depending on the sensitivity level of your skin do not leave the paste for longer than 10 minutes, wash off gently with some moisturizing soap.


Instead of Lemon Juice go for Guavas and Vitamin C concentrates

An old time cleansing ingredient use for cleaning objects, certain surfaces and for taking out stubborn smells that get on hair and skin.  The Vitamin C amount in lemon juice is high enough but many fruits and vegetables have proven to thump its Vitamin C amount such as chili and bell peppers, kiwi, berries, leafy greens and the king of Vitamin C- the guava.  Also combing these Vitamin C-rich foods with pure Vitamin C concentrate such as in supplement pills can become a successful beauty paste.  It is healing, anti-acne and pro-collagen.  A super home spa treatment!


Aloe Vera

Fool proof healing ingredient popular for soothing burns and naturally high in Vitamin E and collagen.  It reduces inflammation as well given it is an antibacterial.

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