Marjoram’s Major Health Benefits

Marjoram is often mistaken for oregano. Although marjoram is part of the oregano family, they are completely different culinary herbs. Marjoram has a milder and more citrus-y flavor, making it a really versatile culinary herb. It is often used for making rice, garlic spreads, roasted turkey, soups, pasta sauces, salad seasonings and more taste really good.

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What makes marjoram popular aside from its unmistakably subtle flavor and aroma is the numerous benefits it has to offer. For years now, it is being used by traditional healers in dealing with a variety of health problems, from digestive tract issues to irregular periods. It is also known to possess amazing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to marjoram’s ability to kill off microbes, it’s also very good for cleansing minor wounds and managing various skin issues.

Having marjoram in your spice rack allows you to come up with tasty dishes and an all-natural solution for common problems concerning your wellbeing. A lot of people also opt for marjoram essential oil, something that can be easily used for numerous health purposes because it can be readily employed topically. It may be massaged on inflamed muscles and joints, as well as on the temples for headache relief. The smell of this essential oil is also said to be anti-aphrodisiac, which means that it can help in lowering abnormal sexual urges.

Also, a few drops of marjoram essential oil may be placed in a cup of warm water for relief from stomach cramps. This solution is known to help promote better digestion too. Traditional healers also recommend it to individuals who are bugged by flatulence, a condition characterized by excessive gas and usually accompanied by abdominal pain and bloating.

Here are some of the most noteworthy health benefits of marjoram:

Marjoram Essential Oils Helps Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain

Everyone knows that the intake of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs come with unwanted side effects. If you want to steer clear of them, consider massaging a few drops of marjoram essential oil in dealing with sore muscles and well as achy and stiff joints.

It is Also Superb at Relieving Headaches

Prolonged stress or tension can leave you with a nasty headache. Rather than pop an analgesic in your mouth and allow yourself to experience some side effects, consider massaging a little marjoram essential oil on your temples. There are times when sniffing it is already enough to free you from minor headaches.

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The Herb Helps Put a Stop to Abdominal Cramps and Flatulence

For so many years now, marjoram tea is being used for treating abdominal cramps due to spasms of the smooth muscles of the stomach or intestine. If you cannot prepare marjoram tea in the traditional way, all you have to do is place a couple of drops of marjoram essential oil in a cup of warm water. The same solution may be taken if you are suffering from excess gas, or what’s known as flatulence in the medical field.

Taking It Also Helps Kill Off Bacteria and Viruses

Many traditional healers and their patients attest to the efficacy of marjoram in dealing with diarrhea and food poisoning due to the herb’s amazing antibacterial properties. Marjoram is also said to have antiviral properties, making it effective for the likes of mumps, measles and even the common cold.

Marjoram May Lower High Blood Pressure

Thanks to marjoram’s diuretic properties, some traditional healers use it for keeping high blood pressure in check. It may also be beneficial for individuals who are looking to get rid of some water weight.

The Herb Also Helps Promote Healthy Skin and Hair

Boiling marjoram in water results in a powerful skin disinfectant that can help prevent wound infections and various types of skin issues. Many swear by the ability of marjoram in warding off scalp problems like excessive dryness and dandruff, thus allowing for healthy and beautiful hair.

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