Natural Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

If you’re reading this, you must be suffering from something that most men find unspeakable — impotence. Also known as erectile dysfunction or ED, this can easily rob you of your dignity and masculinity because you are not able to obtain or maintain an erection that’s good enough for sexual intercourse.

There are many different reasons why impotence happens. Sometimes it is simply due to emotional stress or problems with your relationship. There are instances, too, when it is brought about by cigarette smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and even the intake of certain medications. Experts say that as much as 70 percent of all erectile dysfunction cases are caused by a medical condition such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney problems, vascular disease or neurological issues.

Since it is possible that your impotence may be due to an underlying medical problem, it’s very important for you to see a specialist. Dealing with the root cause can definitely help put an end to your embarrassing trouble. Given a clean bill of health by your trusted specialist? Pay attention to his or her recommendations to help you deal with impotence.

These days, you can easily get your hands on drugs and supplements that are said to be very good at treating erectile dysfunction. You can find a staggering number of them on the internet as well as offline. However, taking these drugs or supplements does not come without some nasty side effects. Some of them include irregular heartbeat, chest pain, lightheadedness, headache, ringing in the ears, vision changes, and painful erections that last for days. Ouch!

Luckily, there are some tried-and-tested natural solutions for impotence so there’s no need to despair if you don’t want to take drugs or supplements and put up with the side effects they are known to bring. See which of the following tips and tricks can help satisfy you and your partner:


Stress is something that can keep you from getting an erection. Oftentimes, it also steals your libido. Opting for relaxing activities like doing yoga, listening to music or having a massage can help combat stress and ultimately impotence.

Exercise Regularly

Doing mild to moderate exercises on a regular basis helps zap stress. It also improves blood circulation, including down there between your legs. Brisk walk, jog, swim, ride a bike or play basketball to win back powerful erections. Don’t forget to pump some iron, too, in order to increase your testosterone levels and cause your sex drive to zoom.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is bad for your health as well as sex life. If you want to deal with your impotence naturally, stick to a regular sleep schedule and spend some quality time in dreamland, about 7 to 9 hours.

Deal with Relationship Issues

It is a good idea to discuss problems between you and your partner or spouse, easing any tension that keeps you from having your sexual appetite and erection. You cannot expect to enjoy sex if your bedroom feels more like a war zone rather than a place for rest, sleep and intercourse.

Quit Alcohol

It’s true that being drunk may make your sexual inhibitions go away, but it can also prevent you from having an erection. If you are looking to have some action, steer clear of any alcoholic beverage.

Please Yourself

Aside from pleasing your partner or spouse, it’s also important for you to gratify yourself. Get some practice as well as reinstate in your mind how good it feels by masturbating. Once you know how to please yourself, it’s time to spread the joy to the one you share the bed with.

Lose Excess Pounds

Certainly, it is a good idea for anyone suffering from impotence to maintain an ideal body weight. Obesity not only increases your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, but also erectile dysfunction. Besides, being in a great shape can help you win back your self-confidence, something that can definitely help enhance your sex drive.

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