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Natural home remedy for Warts

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Before you purchase expensive over-the-counter products which often don’t work well, you might want to try these natural home remedies first. This is only a short list because there are literally hundreds of natural home remedies. Since the dawn of time, home remedies have treated or prevented a number of health conditions such as warts.

• You can use an adequate length of duct tape to cover up the wart. After six days, take away the duct tape. Soak the area for three minutes, and then file down the dead, thick skin with pumice stone or a disposable emery board. Leave the wart uncovered overnight. In the next morning, stick a new patch. Just keep repeating this process until the warts are gone.

• Castor oil keeps the skin moist causing the skin cells in the wart to come apart.

• Rub a peeled garlic clove directly onto the wart until it releases the garlic juice. To prevent the sap from being rubbed off the wart, put a Band-Aid over it. The downside however, is the foul smell.

• Before you go to bed, tape a piece of banana peel over the wart. Make sure the inner side of the banana peel faces the wart. Alternatively, a piece of lemon peel also works. Both could dissolve the wart.

• Dab apple cider vinegar onto the warts and let it dry. Within 10 days or less, you should be wart-free. Within those days, the warts turn black and soon after, they fall off. It would leave a small mark but pay it no mind, it would eventually disappear.

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• Pineapples are not only nutritious fruits; you can also use them to take care of warts. You will feel a tolerable burning sensation on the affected area. Prepare a bowl and squeeze some pineapple juice into it. Use a cotton bud or cotton ball to dab it on your warts. The few minutes of pain should be worth it.

• Vitamin C is also one of the greatest remedies. What you need is its contents. You can acquire it by either crushing a tablet or emptying a capsule. Mix it into a paste by adding a little water. Then, rub it on your warts. Similar to the pineapple remedy, there is also a tolerable burn. No pain, no gain!

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