What You Need To Know About Helping People with Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a serious illness that can cause multiple seizures in people. There are treatment available to help patients control this illness and prevent seizures. There are a lot of important factors that are key to understanding this illness and taking control of it. Below are some things that people need to know about epilepsy and how to treat it.

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It’s Important Your Friends and Family Know

If you or someone you know have epilepsy, you have to know how to do basic first aid for different situations for epilepsy. You need to coach them about safety precautions they need to take. There are a lot of old safety first aids that are outdated and can do more harm than good. Important factors when it comes to seizures is to protect the person having them from getting any serious injuries such as hitting their head. Never restrain anyone that is having serious, just protect their head from hitting dangerous areas, remove obstructions, check your breathing and remove anything in the mouth to prevent choking. Remove eyeglasses, remove tight clothing such as neckties or chokers.

Stay Calm

Seizures can happen at any moment and can be incredibly unpredictable. Seizures can last for a short period of time and sometimes a lot longer. One of the main thing to take note is that you need to stay calm. If you are the once having the seizure or you are around who someone who is. It is important to keep your cool in any type of emergency situation. Remain with the person that is experiencing the seizure and make sure that they are back to normal before leaving them alone.

Medical Alert Jewelry

Some people with epilepsy will have some kind of medical alert jewelry. It contains a lot of the information about this person’s medical problem. It will have their emergency contact, instructions for dealing with seizure and so on. This is an important information to get a hold of if you do not have any information about the person’s seizures. If they do not have these jewelries check out their wallet. If still no information is found call an emergency hotline to teach you the right procedures to first aid.

Know When to Call For Help

Most seizures last about five minutes and most of the able to, it will pass in a few minutes. However, there are a few situations that you will need professional help such as when the person having the seizure is in water, not able to regain consciousness after the seizure, seizure happens once after another, person is choking or experiences a serious injury. Also take not that some people will have another medical condition that can also affect their epilepsy, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

An important thing to take note when taking care of someone who has epilepsy is to be consistent with checkups, medication and other treatments. Not getting seizures doesn’t mean it has gone away forever. It just means that your medication and treatment is working. You are an important part of keeping them safe and healthy.

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