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Treat Back Pain with These Pool Exercises

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Aquatic therapy, also referred to as water therapy, is one of the most effective ways of alleviating body pains. It is also one of the most recommended remedies for pregnant women who are suffering from back pain. Water therapy makes use of water resistance instead of weights to exercise affected muscles that have been injured or are suffering from chronic pain without putting too much pressure on the joints. Patients who undergo water therapy can experience relief from body aches and pains while increasing their body’s range of motions without aggravating their condition.

Those who are experiencing pain in their back, particularly in their lower back, can follow these exercises when they are in the pool.

Leg circles. Stand in a pool with waist-high water. Shift your weight to your left leg then bring your right leg up. With your right leg, make three clockwise circles and another three circles but in a counter clockwise motion. Repeat the steps using your left leg. You need to do 10 sets on each leg to alleviate back pain.

Vertical kicking. Do a freestyle or flutter kick while in the pool with your arms in a “surrender” position. You should do this for a full minute. Afterwards, keep your feet still while sculling the water with your hands to remain above water. Raise your knees toward your chest then extend your legs until they are perpendicular to your torso. Hold this pose for a few seconds then repeat the steps.

Water walking. Another water therapy exercise that is good for back pain is water walking. This exercise is actually a good way to give your muscles warm and loose and ready for your pool session. In a pool with waist-high water, walk from one end of the pool the other. Swing your arms as you would ordinarily do when walking on land. Do not walk on tiptoes and make sure that your back remains straight throughout the exercise. To ensure that you are walking upright, tighten your midsection so you won’t lean too much forward or to the side. If you want to increase resistance you can add weights or hand webs in your hands.

Sit-down exercise. Here’s another pool exercise that targets back pain. Stand straight in waters that are waist-high with your back placed on a wall in the pool. Go into a sitting position as if there is a chair in the pool with you. Keep your back straight and your thigh parallel to the bottom of the pool. Pump your arms like you were marching and do this for thirty counts. Rest for 30 seconds then repeat.

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These are just a few examples of water therapy exercises that are good for your lower back. Just make sure that you follow proper form for each of these workouts to get the best results. If you can join a water therapy session in your area do so as a professional trainer will assist you in each of the exercises mentioned above.


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