Reasons to Get Your Hands on Velvet Apples

Don’t let the unpleasant odor of velvet apples make you turn your back on these highly nutritious fruits. The loads of nutrients in them can easily offset their smell, which is compared by many to bad cheese or even the feces of cats. Also known as butter fruits and mabolo, they’re native to the Philippines and can be found in many Southeast Asian countries.

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They closely resemble apples but they have velvety fur on their skins — reasons why they are called as such. You can eat velvet apples just like apples, but you may also use them in whipping up desserts as well as beverages. Having them included in your diet allows you to take advantage of the health and beauty benefits that velvet apples are known to offer. Continue reading to know some of the reasons why it is a fantastic idea to get them served on the table!

Velvet Apples Help Regulate Blood Pressure

Because they contain potassium, velvet apples are very good at keeping high blood pressure in check. Potassium is a mineral that helps relax the walls of the blood vessels. This results in the better flow of blood through the blood vessels, thus keeping the blood pressure within normal range. Potassium is also good for the contraction of the heart.

They Help Prevent Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Iron is one of the many nutrients found in velvet apples. This is the reason why munching on these tropical fruits may help ward off what’s known as iron-deficiency anemia — the kind of anemia stemming from having insufficient iron in the body. This blood condition causes signs and symptoms such as paleness, weakness, fatigue and chest pain.

Eating Them is Good for the Respiratory System

Did you know that velvet apples have been used for many years now by traditional healers in dealing with upper respiratory tract problems such as asthma, bronchitis, cough and chest congestion? If you are suffering from these problems, consult your doctor and consider including velvet apples in your daily diet to enjoy much-needed relief from such conditions.

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Velvet Apples Promote Healthy Digestion

Because they are loaded with fiber, the regular consumption of velvet apples may help save you from ending up constipated. Aside from promoting regular bowel movement, eating these fiber-rich fruits may also help in flushing out toxins trapped in the body as well as in significantly lowering your chances of battling colon cancer in the future.

Including Them in the Diet Strengthens Your Immunity

Getting sick in this day and age is a complete no-no. That is why you should do your best in keeping your body defended against invading microorganisms that can leave you with all sorts of allergies and infections. A simple and mouth-watering way to make your immune system stronger is by eating more velvet apples which are loaded with vitamin C.

Their Consumption is Great for the Skin

Vitamin C found abundantly in velvet apples is a nutrient that’s important for the healing of wounds and burns. It’s also something that can make you stay looking young as vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents the skin cells from free radical damage. Also, vitamin C in velvet apples promotes collagen production for skin that’s soft and supple, and free of wrinkles!

Velvet Apples Helps Get Rid of Various Skin Problems

For centuries now, velvet apple juice is being used topically to help deal with an assortment of skin issues. For instance, you may liberally apply it on red, itchy and irritated skin to attain relief from those annoying signs and symptoms. Thanks to its loads of antioxidant, velvet apple juice may also be daubed on insect bites, pimples and acne to make them go away.

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