Reverse Common Asian Skin Problems

Asians are known for having spotless, ageless skin. However, many did not realize that Asians possess larger pores than other racial counterparts. Thus, Asian skin is prone to acne and irritation.

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Dominantly yellowish in color, Asian complexion is still dependent on her area of origin. Too much melanin content causes the skin to turn yellow which serves as a protection against skin cancer. Despite this fact, Asian skin is susceptible to skin conditions that deal with hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone and premature aging.

How to remedy these skin conditions? Here are ways to combat them.

  1. Acne. It was no surprise that Asians are prone to acne due to large pores as well as hot and humid weather condition. Hence, most Asians have oily skin causing acne progression.

The Remedy: Exfoliation
Skin specialists advise to exfoliate skin as treatment option. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and gives the skin a smoother and younger appearance.  Exfoliation stimulates cell renewal process. Products with glycolic acid, salicylic acid or topical retinoid prevent the surface skin cells. For severe acne condition, visit your trusted dermatologist for proper treatment and medication.


  1. Skin discoloration/ pigmentation. While Asian have natural defense against UV rays because of increased melanin content, the composition of melanin pigment is reactive to inflammation and injury, thus, pigmentation arises. Regular sun exposure is also a leading cause of pigmentation.  Among Asians, the most common form of pigmentation is dark spot while melasma comes second as the common manifested form of pigmentation.

The Remedy: Whitening Creams
Using gentle spot creams or whitening creams are good alternative for dark spots or skin pigmentation. However, do not overuse these products as they may contain chemical peels that affect the condition of the skin. Always consult your trusted dermatologist before trying out products on your skin.

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Laser or Light Therapy
For treating melasma, skin experts advise treating it with some laser and light therapies. Check with your derma to ensure that the said treatment is suited for your skin.

  1. Dry Skin. This is a condition where the skin is rough and dehydrated with fine scales and occasionally shows small cracks on the skin. Oftentimes itchy, dry skin is caused by extreme weather condition, frequent bathing and medical conditions like atopic dermatitis. The development of this condition is due to a decrease in the natural oil in the outer layer of skin that makes the skin lose water, making it dehydrated.

The Remedy: Moisturize
Consider the use of water-based or gel-based moisturizers during summer season and use cream-based ones when the weather is much cooler.  Opt for products with Hyaluronic acid that helps retain moisture as it binds in the dermal connective tissue.

  1. Sensitive Skin. This skin condition can be caused by genetics or having a poor lifestyle, making you lack necessary minerals and antioxidants. Thin and fine in texture, sensitive skin often feels tingly, tight, or uncomfortable without any visible signs of stress. It reacts with sudden temperature change and turns the skin red and blotchy after contact with some fragrances or alcohols used on the skin.

The Remedy: Non-usage of products that causes sensitivity
People with sensitive skin are advised not to use soaps or detergents.

For people with acne and sensitive skin, they are advised to use mild or hypoallergenic products to remedy their condition. Avoid scrubbing the skin so as not exacerbate the condition.

  1. Skin Aging. Despite the fact that Asians are not as plagued with skin aging condition, their frequent exposure to harmful rays including the sun, leads to many skin complications. Sunburn and sunspots are the most evident forms of excessive sun exposure causes, but it can go beyond extreme cases such as skin aging and skin cancer.

The Remedy: Use sunblock daily
Sunblock is a vital skin product that delays premature skin aging, making the skin look healthy. It is highly recommended to apply sunblock with SPF 30 at least 30 minutes before going out. It should not be a thing for summer; it should be a daily skin routine.

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