Popular Herbal Teas and Their Benefits

A great way to start your day or spend your break time is by having a cup of herbal tea. Because it contains zero caffeine unlike black and green tea, you may actually take it before bedtime without causing you to lose much-needed sleep.

You might get confused when shopping for herbal teas as there are so many of them on the current market. You will realize this fact the moment that you step foot inside the local supermarket or health food store, or go online to order. Before you shop for herbal tea, continue reading. Below you will find some of the most popular ones and their respective benefits.

If you are prone to indigestion or you are bugged by acid reflux, having a cup of chamomile tea after meals is a wonderful idea. You may also take it at any given time that you are beginning to feel stressed due to tons of home or office tasks. Having a cup just before you hit the sack may help you get to dreamland quickly as chamomile tea is relaxing.

You may consume a cup of ginger before meals to stimulate the appetite. Taking it may also be done after a heavy meal and you are having a bout of heartburn. Go ahead and enjoy several cups of ginger tea per day if you are bugged by stiff, swollen and painful joints because this herbal beverage helps fight off inflammation.

Perhaps you have heard that rosemary helps make a lot of dishes smell and taste more flavorful. But did you know that rosemary tea can also help you sleep at night better? That’s because this beverage is an excellent muscle relaxant. You may also consume it to attain relief from symptoms associated with liver and gallbladder problems.

Its minty smell is enough to bring back your appetite. Peppermint tea is also very good at managing all sorts of problems with the digestive tract such as bloating and flatulence (excessive gas). Having a cup of it is one of the most effective remedies for nausea, vomiting and motion sickness.

This herbal tea is popularly served after meals to help promote better digestion. You may also take this beverage with a mild citrus-y flavor each time you wish to unwind after a long and tiring day. Traditional healers recommend lemongrass tea for individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure.

Having trouble getting some sleep? Have a cup of freshly-brewed lavender tea so that you may get some shut-eye in no time. This very fragrant beverage is very good at relaxing both your body and mind, thus allowing you to combat insomnia easily. Lavender tea may also be taken if you are feeling down in the dumps.

If you are having issues with your digestive system, simply brew a cup of cardamom tea. This beverage with a pungent and sweet flavor is very good at dealing with indigestion and tummy pain. Drinking cardamom tea is also recommended if you are suffering from flatulence. Whenever you’re nauseous, simply have a cup of it.

Drinking a cup of freshly-brewed hibiscus flower tea is known to be very helpful for strengthening the immune system. That’s because this beverage is loaded with vitamin C. Traditionally, it is given to people with high blood pressure. You may also drink it regularly if you wish to lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Having a cup of nettle tea may help provide relief from sore and aching joints. It’s also the herbal tea to take on a regular basis if you are prone to urinary tract infection as well as other issues concerning the kidneys and bladder. Drinking nettle tea is also said to be good for those with high blood pressure and anemia.

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