Say Goodbye To These Age Accelerating Food

Achieving a flawless, radiant complexion makes you beautiful and confident about yourself. Despite keeping a skin care regimen, regular exercise and getting enough sleep, you feel that your skin looks dull. When you face the mirror, you seem to look older than your real age.

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When asked about your current diet, you simply replied, “I eat anything and I am not worried about my weight.” While it is satisfying to eat foods that you really love, moderation is still the key. Proper diet does not only pertain to weight, but it also affect your general health including your skin. Thus, consuming food more than the allowed will make you feel older than your actual age.

Here are the list of foods you have to avoid or keep to a minimum to ensure smoother and healthier complexion.

Sweets. Indulging on too much sugary-made products can increase your blood glucose level. When you eat more sugar than the cell can process, the excess of it combines with protein, creating AGES or Advanced Glycation End Products. It takes toll on the skin by impeding the normal repair of collagen and elastin, a protein that allows skin to resume its shape after stretching or contracting. Instead of sugar, consider using a natural, non-caloric sweetener in baked products or in your coffee. This will help you control blood sugar response, thereby, slows down aging process.  If you cannot avoid sweet, opt for sugar-free ones or dedicate one day a week when you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Alcohol. Too much intake of alcohol does not only damages the liver but also the skin. Skin expert explains that toxins releases naturally in the body when the liver functions well. Thus, if your liver does not function properly, the toxins in your body will affect the condition of the skin. The skin will be susceptible to variety of problems like acne, sallowness and wrinkles. Drinking alcoholic beverages can also trigger rosacea or redness of the skin. Even if you don’t drink alcohol excessively, your skin may experience dryness and may show appearance of lines. In addition, as the liver metabolizes alcohol, it creates free radicals that will harm your skin, causing it to age. Alcohol drinking also causes dehydration that is bad for the skin. Likewise, it makes your sleep interrupted. A study shows that sleep inadequacies will develop adverse effects on the skin such as wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity.

Charred meat. Overcooked or burned meat may contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons that could harm the skin. Inflammation of the skin breaks down the collagen that affects its appearance and texture. Make sure to scrape off the black stuff before you eat grilled meat.

Salty food. Intake of food high in sodium content causes puffiness on the skin. Hence, you should be watchful of what you eat. High in sodium products does not only affect your skin but also your blood pressure, the reason for hypertension.

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Processed meats. Well, most of us are a big fan of sausages, hotdogs and bacon. These meat have sulfites and other preservatives that trigger skin inflammation and accelerate skin aging. If you cannot forego meat all together, eat less meat and load up on fruits and veggies.

Spicy food. Eating spicy aggravates rosacea-prone skin. Likewise, it causes skin damage during menopausal stage. As spicy food dilates the blood vessels, women in menopausal stage may find their skin looking blotchy and less youthful. Frequent indulgence of spicy food may lead to spider veins, puffiness and permanent redness. You are not prohibited to eat spicy foods but be sure to eat this type of food in moderation.

Saturated fat. Food rich in saturated fat like full-fat dairy products and marbled meat makes one look older. Skin expert says that eating saturated fat induces skin inflammation, causing skin to age.

Caffeine products. Drinking caffeine products makes you excrete fluid, leading to dehydration.  Anything that can dehydrate the skin will make it look dull and aged.  Instead of drinking caffeinated drinks, opt for water. Water is best for your skin.

Trans fat. Aside from risking you from heart disease, Trans fat is also bad for your skin as it promotes inflammation that is harmful for the collagen. In addition, Trans fat may make you more susceptible to UV damage which is the number one cause of skin aging.  A word of caution, don’t be fooled by a label that says 0g trans fat as it can still contain under 0.5g of artificial fat that is bad for the body. Always check the label before you eat.

Red meat. Red meat causes skin aging as fatty meat generates free radicals. Free radicals affect the skin’s ability to protect itself and generate collagen. If you want to eat meat, switch to lean ones like chicken.

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