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Safety Shaving Tips Before You Strip Off Hair On Bikini Area

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When it comes to hair down there, shaving is seen as effective as waxing. Shaving is considered as high maintenance because the hair found in the genital area grows back in a matter of days. If you prefer to shave the hair seen along the bikini line, you have to invest in great shaving tools such as scissors, razor, shaving cream and must stick to the regimen to keep the sensitive area hair-free and smooth.

Nonetheless, before you grab those razors on, consider the following tips prior to removing hair on your lady part.

1. Do pre-shave preparation.

If it is your first attempt in doing this or you haven’t shave your pubic hair for a long period, it is better to trim it with scissors first. Trimming will make it easier to remove hair as well as avert clogging the blade. Afterwards, take a shower. Shaving toward the end of your bath allows hair to soften, making it easier to shave. It opens up the hair follicle, making the hair more pliable. In addition, having soft hair attains a closer, smoother and less grating shave.

2. Choose the right razor.

Check the blades of your razor. It should be fresh and sharp. As much as possible replace it monthly. Don’t wait for the razor to rust before you replace it as dull razors causes nicks and likely to spread bacteria. Use separate razor for your lady part.

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3. Exfoliate.

You can avoid ingrown hair and skin irritation by exfoliating your bikini line before shaving it. Use a loofah or soft cloth with creamy body wash to gently cleanse the skin before shaving. Another tip: condition the pubic hair using regular hair conditioner to soften the hair prior to shaving. Other than preventing ingrown hair, exfoliating helps extend the life of your blades. Word of caution: Don’t overdo exfoliation as it can irritate sensitive skin down there.

4. Moisture before shave.

Apply hydrating shave cream, oil or unscented cleansers to make shaving smooth as well as prevent over-drying or irritation. However, refrain from using scented shaving cream because it causes irritation on your sensitive lady part.

5. Follow growth direction when shaving.

Shaving against the direction of hair growth will give a smoother shave but it causes sensitive skin to flare up. The skin down there is really sensitive. To prevent this from happening, shave in the direction of hair growth. This will also thwart razor burn and ingrown hair. Keep in mind not to press the razor too hard for it causes razor burn, too. If you are pressing extra hard, you will feel a lot of resistance and pulling. In addition, when you shave the hair in the genital area, you have to take it slow.

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6. Apply soothing moisturizer.

After you shave, put on fragrance-free, alcohol-free and light moisturizer to soothe the skin and hair follicles that might be inflamed after removing those hairs. This also prevents possible infection.

7. Wear loose clothing to avert chaffing or irritation.

Wearing tight clothing after shaving can cause irritation and chafing as skin is extra sensitive to bacteria and moisture from your body.

8. Do not take hot shower hours after shaving.

Avoid hot baths or showers several hours after you shave hair down there. Hot water irritates pores causing formation of unwanted bumps as well as discomfort.

Despite these helpful tips, there are women who do not prefer shaving because they believe that the hair is thicker and coarser after they shave it. This is a myth. What makes the hair feels coarser or thicker is the sharp edge it makes right after you shave.

Nonetheless, removing your pubic hair is still a personal choice. Whether your preference is shaving, waxing or other hair removing techniques always include safety as your first line of defense in preventing infection and scars that can affect your sensitive part.

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