Cool Food Uses of Coconut Oil You Probably Didn’t Know About

Everyone knows that coconut oil is a versatile health food that offers numerous benefits. Many apply it topically in order to moisturize the skin and keep excessive dryness at bay. It is very good at warding off fine lines and wrinkles. Massaging it on areas with cellulites is being done too. Coconut oil serves as a natural remedy for all sorts of skin problems such as acne and ringworm. So many shampoos, conditioners and various other hair care solutions use coconut oil as the star ingredient.

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Coconut oil is commonly employed to help lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease risk. Many people swear by its effectiveness against fatigue and chronic inflammation. Coconut oil has been used for years against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. This super healthy oil may help in balancing sugar and hormone levels as well. Many also take it to help attain speedy weight reduction as it’s a potent fat burner.

You may be wondering how you can incorporate coconut oil in your diet other than simply taking a tablespoon or two of it so that you may take advantage of the numerous health benefits it is said to offer. Well, you’re in luck. Below you will find some of the food uses of coconut oil that you probably didn’t know about. Remember to spread the good news so that your family and friends may also attain optimum health with the help of this amazing oil!

Coffee Creamer Replacer

Do you want your coffee to taste nicer without relying on that calorie-packed creamer? Try adding a tablespoon of coconut oil in your favorite cup of java! Having coffee with this healthy oil is a great way to start the day or combat a boring afternoon because coconut oil is also an amazing energy-booster.

Smoothie Fortifier

If you are looking for a way to boost the nutritional content of your favorite smoothies without causing them to pack more calories than usual, reach for that bottle of coconut oil and add some to your merry mix of healthy ingredients. You will surely love the dash of tropical it adds to every serving of smoothie.

Chocolate Fondue Enricher

Who doesn’t love dipping fruit slices, marshmallows, waffles, graham crackers and others in that velvety chocolate fondue? There is a way to make your beloved chocolate fondue healthier and yummier — with the addition of coconut oil. Simply melt together 2 cups of chopped up dark chocolate and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Serve and surprise!

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Flavorful Popcorn Topper

There’s no need to quit snacking on popcorn just to keep unwanted pounds at bay. What make popcorn a weight saboteur are those unhealthy flavorings and toppings. What you should do is this: opt for plain popcorn and drizzle it with coconut oil to enjoy a tasty and healthy snack during your movie times.

Butter Eliminator

Do you love baked potatoes but hate the fact that the slabs of butter you place on it are ruining your health and figure? Don’t turn your back on those healthy potatoes. All you have to do is top them with coconut oil instead of butter. Sprinkling some cinnamon too will surely delight your taste buds.

Toast Enhancer

If you’re on a hunt for something excellent for your toast other than butter, look no further! The healthy oil being discussed in this article can make your toast not only taste amazing, but also smell wonderful. You will surely be thrilled by that coconut-y twist to your usual toast!

Animal Fat Replacer

The next time you are intending to sauté or fry vegetables, consider using coconut oil instead of animal fat that is loaded with artery-clogging and waistline-expanding saturated fats. What makes coconut oil better than most other vegetable oils is it’s perfect for cooking because of its high smoke point.

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