Simple Weight Loss Solutions

Do you want to lose weight without compromising your health? We will share some do’s and don’ts on shedding those extra pounds off your body. With this, you will never think of dieting again with these easy to follow tips in getting rid of gained pounds.

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  1. Deprivation will never be a solution. As they say, eat in moderation. To keep your weight in check, portion eats really matters.
  2. Satisfaction is the key. Eat well. You eat because you want to satisfy your stomach not to store too much food on your tummy. Of course, to prevent food wastage, you should get what you can really finish. Don’t be deceived by what you are seeing.
  3. Fill half of your plate with vegetables. Vegetables are rich in fiber and water so they fill you up without filling you out.
  4. Order small. No matter what type of food you are going to consume, order in small amounts.
  5. Start the meal with salad or soup. These foods will help fill you up with low calories and leave less room for the main course.
  6. Keep hydrated. Sometimes we tend to confuse ourselves with hunger from thirst. Aim for eight glasses of water a day; add lemon for flavor and vitamin boost.
  7. Always keep a stash of snacks in your bag. Whenever you are out and hunger strikes, you are tempted to eat out or indulge in unhealthy fast foods. To resist the temptation, always carry a snack bar, fruits, and granola bar in your bag.
  8. Say yes to whole grains. Instead of white, choose whole grains to keep you satiated longer. This type of food keeps your blood sugar levels at bay and provides vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. Eating white bread quickly converts to sugar, surging up your glucose in the body. If you don’t burn them up, this will become a stored fat in the body.
  9. Be physically active at least 3 hours each week. Give time to burn your calories by doing simplest forms of activity such as walking, hopping off the bus or subway a few stops early, or biking your way going to work.


  1. Refrain from eating in front of the TV. When we watch TV, we tend to consume junkies in one sitting. Ditch the bad habit. Instead, reach for fiber-rich snacks to fill up your tummy. Eat fruits, trail mix or popcorns.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gets your metabolism working and prevents you eating most calories at night. Never miss out on this essential meal of the day.
  3. Don’t eat after dinner. You don’t need extra energy when you are about to sleep. Avoid midnight snacking. This hinders you to sleeping well at night because eating during ungodly hours keeps you awake and energized.
  4. Avoid eating chips out of the bag. If you were to eat a snack (i.e. nuts, chips), pour them into a plate or bowl so you would know how much you are consuming before you finish the whole bag.
  5. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Did you know that artificial sweeteners increase your food cravings? This can lead to bloating and fatigue. Don’t be fooled by the words “diet” or “sugar-free”. These terms are used to entice you take these products but the truth is they replace sugar with artificial sweetener like aspartame which is not good for your health. Instead of taking artificial sweetener, go for raw sugar, honey or maple syrup. One teaspoon of it is equivalent to sixteen calories.
  6. Avoid starving. Do not allow yourself to starve all day then eat plenty by night. The best technique to lose weight is to eat substantially during the day then go light at night.
  7. Forget sweetened drinks or high caloric beverages. Do not attempt to drink high calorie drinks like softdrinks. Stick to water or water with lemon. It keeps you hydrated plus you do not need to worry about calories because water has no calories.
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