Skin And Hair Care Guide For Rainy Days

Rainy days are here; thus, the wet season allows you to stay at home most of the time. However, changes in humidity bring bothersome skin and hair problems, if not prevented; this will result to further damage. Hence, taking extra care of your skin and hair during this season is necessary in order to maintain their moisture, radiance and glow.

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We sum up the most common skin and hair problems encountered during the wet season as well as their remedy to counter their occurrence.

Dry skin. It is a result of low humidity that happens during rainy days. The skin feels itchy and irritated due to lack of moisture. Apart from low humid condition, dry skin is also caused by using harsh soaps and other skin care products, excessive bathing may also cause skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

To combat dry skin, you may do the following:

For the face:

  • Use soap-free facial wash to keep moisture on skin.
  • Apply moisturizer on your face to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing on skin to prevent irritation.
  • Apply some honey mixed with milk on your skin every night.

For the body:

  • Opt for mild soap when bathing.
  • Use lukewarm water when taking a bath.
  • Avoid rubbing your skin to dry. Pat your skin is the best way to do it.
  • Lather enough lotion to your body to retain moisture on skin.
  • No to carbonated and caffeinated beverages. These beverages make your skin dehydrate easily.
  • Hydrate more often. Water retains the moisture the skin needs.
  • Wear protective and appropriate rain gear to protect the skin whenever you go outdoors. Since heavy rains bring flood, it is best to keep yourself armed by wearing proper rain gear to prevent flood-causing diseases that damage your skin.

Oily Skin. During the season, oily skin aggravates skin conditions makes the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. When mixed with dirt and dust, it clogs the pores causing problems like blackheads, pimples among others.

To manage oily skin, ensure that you have regular facial cleaning. Use toner and oil-free facial wash and apply Aloe Vera gel daily.

Chapped lips. This is one of the most common skin disorders develop during rainy season. Symptoms include dry or scaly lip which may be accompanied by one or more small cracks known as fissures. It can be painful and sometimes, it is swollen. Chapped lips is caused by exposure to dry, cold weather and dehydration.

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Say goodbye to chapped lips and welcome kissable lips again by applying lip balm to bring back its moisture and drinking more fluids to stay hydrated.

Dull hair. The hair is also affected during this wet season. Your crowning glory becomes dull and lifeless. Therefore, it is vital that you get a proper care for your hair to prevent it from dullness and restore its healthy appearance.

To keep the healthy state of your hair, avoid using harmful chemicals that damages your locks. Wash your hair with a very gentle shampoo. During rainy season, use conditioner to keep moisture in your hair.

It is also advised to eat food rich in protein to get your hair nourished during the wet season. Moreover, drink lots of water to provide enough protection to your hair.

Dandruff. This is a scalp related disorder during rainy season as it is characterized with increased scaling on the scalp. Dandruff is formed due to abrupt changes in humidity, trauma (scratching) and stress. Biological factors that causes dandruff are presence of sebum (oil), immune function, and nutritional deficiency like zinc and niacin.

To stop dandruff from coming back, it is recommended to wash your hair and scalp regularly. Use mild shampoo. If you are experiencing one already, it is best to use anti-dandruff or anti-fungal shampoo to eliminate scaling of the scalp.

Other than the aforementioned tips to remedy skin and hair care problems, follow these additional tips to care for the skin and hair.

  1. Moisturize not only during the day but also at night, too. The skin will repair itself at night and moisturizer will help in retaining the moisture it needs. Regular moisturizing before you go to sleep will delay the appearance of wrinkles and will ensure glowing skin.
  2. Exfoliate at least once a week. This will help the skin clear out the dead and dry skin, keeping your skin supple and radiant.
  3. Use sunscreen even on overcast days. Never skip putting on sunscreen even it is gloomy or dark outside. You may not feel the UV rays emitted from the sun, but slight exposure damages your skin.
  4. Always see your trusted dermatologist regularly to check any changes in your skin and hair. The expert knows well how to treat your condition.

Rain or shine, you should keep your skin and hair healthy and protected in any season.

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