Smart Tips on Staying Healthy This Halloween

So that time of the year when you can be anyone or anything you want to be — a mermaid, zombie, pirate, superhero or pop star — is nearing. It’s also during Halloween where you can easily go astray on your voyage to optimum health and fitness, courtesy of all those sweet, sweet treats and spooky, spooky parties where booze a-flowing.

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Before the 31st of October strikes, continue reading. The following are some really nifty tips on how you can stay healthy despite of Halloween being in the air:

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

You know that you have the most stellar Halloween costume among your friends, and it’s not unlikely for you to lose precious sleep the night before you don that special attire of yours. To ward off a bout of insomnia, drink a freshly brewed cup chamomile, lavender, valerian or lemon balm herbal tea just before you hit the sack. Definitely, you should steer clear of coffee and other caffeinated beverages as bedtime nears.

Similarly, don’t stay up too late on Halloween night — you definitely don’t want to look like a zombie the following day. Refrain from partying all night long. Don’t be afraid (pun intended) to leave as soon as you feel sleepy.

Drink in Moderation

Speaking of partying, it’s very much likely for alcohol to be everywhere you go on Halloween night. Just like any other occasion, remember to keep drinking in moderation. Otherwise, you are sure to wake up the next morning with a bloodcurdlingly terrible hangover that will leave you in grave discomfort the entire day.

Ward off a hangover by keeping yourself properly hydrated. In between servings of booze, drink water or juice. Experts suggest for you to stick to clear alcoholic drinks as they contain less hangover-causing toxins. Also, try to get enough sleep after the party and have a hearty breakfast upon waking up.

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Refrain From Smoking Cigarettes

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. No matter the special occasion, Halloween or something else, you should never light up a cigarette stick. Go ahead and laugh and be merry, but do your best to shy away from smoking. Always bear in mind the terrifying effects of cigarette smoking on one’s health.

But even if you don’t intend to smoke, it can be a real problem if you are in the company of smokers. That’s because second hand smoke can wreak havoc to your health much like first hand smoke. Here’s a smart suggestion: for Halloween night, dress up as a biohazard specialist and put on a face mask to save your lungs from cigarette smoke.

Steer Clear of Sweet Treats

No Halloween would be complete without all the sweets. Having a little is fine, but stuffing your face with candy corns, milk chocolate bars, fruit-flavored taffies and all the rest is a surefire no-no. It is definitely a wonderful idea to whip up your own sugarless treats, which are favorable not only for your health, but also those of treat-or-treating kids. Logging on the web lets you come across tons of great suggestions and recipes!

Prior to stepping foot outside your home, have a healthy snack. This way, your stomach won’t grumble at the sight of gooey and sugary treats — making it a lot easier for you to stick to a healthy eating habit on Halloween.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

During occasions such as Halloween where lots of people gather together, it can be very easy for infections and diseases to spread from person to person. Just about everything you touch can be swarming with microbes — a doorknob, the handle of a trick-or-treating basket, that cool Halloween prop or accessory of your friend.

It’s exactly for this reason why you should remember to frequently wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water. Experts suggest for you to sing the Happy Birthday song twice as you wash your hands to ensure that much of those pathogens are killed off. Definitely, it’s an excellent idea to place a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your jean pocket or bag. Oh, and make sure that it’s alcohol-based for your utmost protection.

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