9 Things to Keep Your Mind and Body in Top Condition

If you want your health condition to reach the closest thing to perfection, you’ve arrived on the right place.

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1. If humans didn’t have bones, our muscles, flesh, and we ourselves would just be like jelly sliding around the earth. Thankfully we do and it’s very important to take care of your bones. Upon reaching the age of thirty, the body does not store calcium anymore. You’ll have to get enough calcium in your diet if you don’t want your body to be depleted of calcium. Another good example of how you can care for your bones is regular exercise. Like our muscles, the bones require to be stressed for them to grow.

2. Eye problems are very common, from the simple requirement to wear glasses to blindness and macular degeneration. Include foods in your diet that are rich in antioxidants to reduce the risks of getting macular degeneration. The intake of fatty acids particularly omega-6 and omega-3 opens the eyes’ glands allowing those with dry eyes cry with better-quality tears.

3. Eating foods high in sodium are linked with high blood pressure, which is then linked to heart problems. Take care of your heart eating foods that are good for the heart like oatmeal or take supplements.

4. Due to ligaments that relax or water retention, the feet changes size. Avoid wearing shoes that fit badly otherwise you may have problems like hammertoes or bunions.

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5. People with sedentary behaviors lose strength after their fifties. In the twenties and thirties is when the body achieves maximal muscle strength. Do weight training to keep your muscles strong and flexible even by the age 90.

6. Have regular exercise to enhance your aerobic capacity. It is easier to perform tasks the fitter you’re.

7. The teeth last for a lifetime and even after death when the body becomes a mere skeleton. A mouth’s healthiness depends on the good quality supply of saliva that reverses tooth decay and halts it thanks to the materials it contains. Brush your teeth regularly, floss, rinse with mouthwash daily, and have a thorough medical checkup.

8. Apply SPF and other products made to be applied on the skin for protection from the sun’s UV rays. Exfoliate to keep clean, brush, and drink green tea.

9. Never stop using your brain. Do activities that pummel all sides of the brain to keep working is the best way to build brainpower. Get adequate sleep to avoid the diminishing of your health and mental capacity.

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