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Facts on Stroke

Fast Facts on Stroke and Various Ways to Keep It at Bay

A stroke is a medical emergency wherein there's a severe reduction or interruption of blood supply to a portion of the brain. Because brain...

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What are the Health Benefits of the Enzyme Bromelain?

Bromelain is considered as a proteolytic enzyme, which means that it's a substance promoting the breakdown of protein. Thanks to bromelain, protein in the...

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Body Cleanser

Picking the right body cleanser can be difficult. When you go in stores you will see rows of different body cleansers, different sizes, colors...

10 Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Cauliflower is part of the cruciferous family. It is related to super food broccoli, like its close relative it is is also packed full...

It’s Not Okay to Overlook Vitamin K

When the subject matter is nutrition, certain types of vitamins seem to get more accolade than the rest. For instance, vitamin C is known...

Eliminate Bloating with These 8 Proven Ways

Gas pain, belching, and bloating happens when your belly is tight, full, or swollen after you eat. It usually occurs when the muscles in...
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