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Natural Antibiotics That Don’t Require Prescription

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Back in the day, buying pharmaceutical antibiotics is very easy as it does not require any prescription. But since the government sees it as something that should be taken seriously, the law now prohibits drug stores from selling them even to those who have—or believe they have—an illness caused by infection. While they may be a pain, prescriptions are there for good reason: to prevent overdoses and wrong doses of antibiotics.

There are many kinds of synthetic antibiotics you may have already tried but have you ever thought about going natural when treating infections? Not only is it cheaper, it also do not require extra effort of signing up for a checkup. If you’re intrigued, read on as we are about to introduce some powerful but safe natural antibiotics that can be found within the four corners of your home.

Oregon Grape

The oregano grape is effective for eradicating infection-causing bacteria in the body. Medical practitioners make use of its root to help regulate digestion and treat viral illnesses by killing a wide array of harmful microbes. The oregano grape is taken in the form of a tincture or tea. Simply chop the root and soak it in hot water. You should be able to drink it up without a single cringe as it tastes pretty good because of its alkaloid content.

Oregano Oil

This oil can be extracted from two species of oregano: the wild oregano known as the Origanum vulgare, and the variety grown in Spain called the Thymus capitatus. These two species of oregano produce oils that have golden to dark yellow tint matched with a spicy scent. These oils can be used to eradicate fungi the plague the feet or nails, parasites that cause infections in the skin, and viruses that leave the sinuses in bad shape.

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Cayenne Pepper

Also known as capsicum, this strong spice had been used for several millennia as a natural antibiotic by our ancestors. During the modern times, it is still considered one of the most powerful antibiotics given to us by nature as it has been found to be an effective treatment for vulvovaginitis as it acts not only as an antibiotic, but also has antifungal capabilities that help prevent the ailment. While the oil from this spice can burn upon contact with the skin, it is the most effective product that can treat infections. To prevent painful use, you can dilute it with plenty of carrier oil. Carrier oils are those that have neutral or no effects whatsoever to the skin and can be used as a base for more strong oils like the capsicum.

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Colloidal Silver

Research revealed that colloidal silver not only eradicates common bacteria, it can also kill even those which have mutated to become resistant to most antibiotics. The best part is it has no undesirable side effects whatsoever. Experts advise those who wish to use this powerful antibiotic to keep it outside the body, meaning only use it for infections on the surface of the skin or in the shallow parts of the ears. It can also be gargled to treat mouth infections.


As we said earlier, we would be offering you natural antibiotics that are both effective and cheap. Nothing says cheap than a spice used in so many dishes. Experts recommend garlic as the best natural antibiotic for infections that require internal treatment. This is because while it is strong enough to kill germs that cause the infection as well as pathogens, it still maintains a healthy gut flora. In terms of its effectiveness, garlic has been proven to contain phytochemicals and sulfur components that aid in the healing process. As an added bonus, it also contains vitamins and minerals to boost your health.

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