Tips for Making Hair Appear Thicker Instantly

Hair can be incredibly tricky when it comes to fullness and density. There are some people that have so much hair that they would frequently thin it out using either cutting or using different product. There are some people that can have thick looking hair, but actually has very thin hair. Then there are unlucky people that have very fine strands and have thin hair. People that have this type of problem struggle with getting volume in their hair, styling it and most with the frequent hair loss or hair loss patches. Don’t worry though, there are different tips and tricks that you can do to instantly make your hair appear thicker. Here are some of the best hair stylist tips for making hair appear thicker instantly.

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Changing your regular shampoo can instantly thicken your hair. There are certain types of shampoo that can make the hair silky smooth but heavy. This extra weight in the hair strands can pull the hair, making it appear a lot thinner or expose the scalp. Invigorating shampoos can help thicken up the hair in an instant. It will help the hair near the root to perk up and create volume. It’s best to pick shampoos that do not have smoothing or hydrating properties or written on the bottle. The same goes with conditioners. Your products should be light to prevent adding weight to the hair. You can easily tell by the consistency of the product if it is too dense then it will be heavy on the hair.

Blow Drying

Blow drying your hair is one of the quickest ways you can thicken your hair. Simply blow drying your hair against your natural part can add volume to your roots. This is a great technique to prevent your hair from lying flat on your part. When you have thin hair, you want to avoid any hairstyle that will make your hair lie flat on your hair such as tight ponytails or sleek brush overs. Getting a blowout can give your hair that volume, movement and thickness without adding too much product. Before blow drying your hair always use heat protectant. You have to prevent damage to your hair at all cost. Damage to thin hair can make it appear a lot thinner. People that have naturally curly hair can use a diffuser with their blow dry to add volume and thickness.

Velcro Rollers

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A great way to add volume to your hair without adding heat is to use Velcro rollers before you go to sleep. Putting Velcro rollers on the crown area can add volume to your hair in the morning. If you are in a rush you can use Velcro rollers on damp hair and blast heat on the air for about 20 minutes and allow it to set for another 5 minutes. If the Velcro rollers are not enough, you can always tease your hair. Teasing can instantly add volume to the hair. Though, teasing can be incredibly damaging to the hair. As much as possible, prevent teasing every day.

Root Powder or Eyeshadow

There are now specially made products to help instantly thicken hair. Root powders can come in different shades to match your hair color. This product is a lot more pigmented than eyeshadow and can easily stick to the scalp. This is better product than eyeshadow since it will stick to the skin even through sweating. Though, using eyeshadows is also great for covering up the scalp. Adding a bit of dark eyeshadow around the hairline and blending it can instantly make your hairline thicker. Add powder in areas where your scalp is mostly exposed or where you have bald patches.


If you really want to add volume and thickness to your hair, a haircut may be all you need. Having an incredibly long hair can weigh your hair down making it appear a lot thinner than it really is. Cutting a few inches from your hair can perk it up in no time. If you really have thin hair, consider short hairstyles with lots of layers. Haircuts with lots layers create body and volume.

If you are struggling with severe hair loss or patches, go to your doctor. You may have alopecia or other hair or scalp problems that can be causing your hair loss. This can also be caused by deficiencies or malnourishment. When you have thin hair avoid strong chemicals and treatment such as bleaching and straightening. Use home hair thickening remedies such as castor oil to help thicken hair. Though, you have to consider that genes play a huge part in this. If your parents and sibling have fine and thin hair, there is a strong chance you and your children will have it too.

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