Top 10 Ways to Look Sober When You Really Aren’t

The party was wild last night, too wild at that. Now, you have to wake up for work with a raging hangover. You look at your face and nothing in your face says sober. What do you do now? Avoid getting dirty looks from your boss by hiding your hangover with these simple tricks.

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Ten ways to look sober when you really aren’t:

Moisturizer: Take a shower, brush your teeth, shampoo your hair, and gargle with mouthwash. Remove any scent of the night before from your body. Apply moisturizing cream on your face to prevent dehydration and dry skin.

Prevention: Before going to bed, drink plenty of water. Dehydrate yourself at night to prevent losing too much liquid during your sleep. Wake yourself up with a glass of water too. This will lessen the effects of the hangover and prevent your skin from looking dry.

Puffiness: Lessen puffiness of the face by dunking your face in ice cold water. Place cold water in a bowl and fill the top with ice. Dunk your face in the bowl a few times. This will promote circulation and prevent puffiness. Dunking your face in ice cold water will surely wake you up too.

Concealer: Concealers are hangovers best friend it can hide dark under eyes and discoloration from the night before. Apply concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Color Correctors: Color corrector makeup is great for hiding redness in the face or bluish colors. You can substitute color correctors with a makeup primer.

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Blush: Brush on natural looking and light color blush near or on the apples of the cheek. Avoid using browns or bronzers on the face. Dark color will make the face look old and dry.

Foundation: Ease on the foundation after a night out of drinking. Your skin is relatively drier than usual, so applying thick amounts of makeup will make the foundation look cakey and dry. You can mix equal parts moisturizer and liquid foundation to create your own BB cream.

Tie It Up: Tie your hair up in a bun or create an up-do. Make sure your hair looks neat and clean. Hair that sags or appears messy will only make you look more hanged over.

Caffeine: Out of any day this is the day that you will need your caffeine boost. Pick up a cup of your favorite beverage for a quick pick me upper.

Neutral shades: The natural makeup look is best after a night out of the town. It makes you look fresh and simple. Apply simple neutral tones in the eyes. Avoid thick mascaras and use natural shades for your blush and lipstick.


Alcohol will dry out your skin and make you sweat a lot. This is how the toxins leave your body. So expect to sweat, have bad breath and pee a lot during this hangover day. Do the necessary precautions and apply deodorant, carry a breath spray and pee when you have to.




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