Achieve These 10 Health Benefits with Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology centers on the theory that there are certain areas on the feet (reflex points) that are linked to the various parts of your body, and massaging them can bring about an assortment of health benefits. And this is the reason why numerous people turn to foot reflexology to combat anything from depression to PMS symptoms.

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You, too, can enjoy the many health benefits foot reflexology is said to deliver. Below you will find 10 of the amazing things that can be obtained with applying simple reflexology maneuvers on your feet.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Suffering from insomnia? Perform some simple reflexology moves on your feet just before hitting the sack. While sitting, place one foot on your lap, then press the pad of your big toe with your thumb for at least a minute. Repeat on the other big toe. Massage a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil on the soles of your feet for a couple of minutes.

Reduced Stress

If it seems like you are already running out of ideas to combat stress at the end of tiring day, try foot reflexology. Sit down and place one of your foot on your thigh. Grab the bottle of your favorite massage oil or any vegetable oil in your kitchen. Massage your foot using both your hands for about 5 minutes, focusing on the sole. Do the same on the other foot.

Ease Your Tired Feet

Your feet are under stress constantly due to fashion trends and all of the physical activities you need to perform the entire day. Allow your feet to enjoy maximum relaxation by massaging each one of them for about 5 minutes, using coconut oil or olive oil slightly warmed in the microwave. It’s also a good idea get your hands on a foot roller!

Neck and Back Pain Relief

Foot reflexology experts say that massaging your toes for as short as 5 minutes can give you much-needed relief from neck pain. Similarly, you may eliminate back pain by using your thumb to massage along that invisible line from the side of your big toe to your ankle. Throw in a quick massaging of the soles and top of your feet for immediate back pain relief.

Lighter Mood

Does it feel like the entire universe is against you? Ward off that glum feeling simply by pressing firmly on the center of the underside of your big toe using your thumb. Apply pressure for a couple of minutes, and then perform the same on the other big toe. Repeat this foot reflexology maneuver 2 to 3 times a day to get rid of that depression.

Improved Blood Circulation

A simple yet very effective way to speed up your body’s recovery from a tiring day is by giving your feet some massage. Using your favorite massage oil, give the sole of your foot firm strokes from the balls of your foot to your heel. Repeat several times for a few minutes. Carry out the same procedure on your other foot.

Reduced High Blood Pressure

It is possible to keep your high blood pressure in check with foot reflexology. Take a deep breath and use your thumb to apply firm pressure on the so-called solar plexus reflex point — it’s that hollow spot a little past the balls of your feet, below the second toe. Release and exhale, and then repeat on the other foot.

Edema Relief

Fluid retention in the ankles and feet is called edema, and it’s something that is common in pregnant women. If you have edema, ask a friend or your partner to give your feet a massage, starting from the toes to the heels. It is definitely a wonderful idea to have a professional give you foot reflexology intended for edema.

Reduced PMS Symptoms

Women know how annoying and uncomfortable the symptoms of PMS can be. If your PMS is bugging you, simply use your thumb to apply firm pressure on what’s called the grandfather grandson point — it’s that area on the inner side of your foot where the big toe joins the rest of the foot. Afterwards, give your foot a thorough massage.

Relief From Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a neurological disorder. Some experts also consider it as a sleep disorder because, needless to say, it can keep you from enjoying a good night’s sleep. Ease the symptoms of this condition by having the soles of your feet massaged with warm coconut oil at bedtime.

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