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Types of Smartphone Apps That Can Help You Manage Your Anxiety

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Are you suffering from anxiety? Something that can help you manage it naturally and effectively is not at the nearest pharmacy, but right in your pocket — your smartphone.

Currently, there’s a wealth of apps for smartphones that cater to people who are suffering from anxiety and like to deal with the issue in an all-natural approach. With so many of them available these days, it’s for certain that you will find a bunch of apps that can help you handle your anxiety much better.

Do take note that no smartphone app on the planet can replace an expert. So if you feel that you could use the help of a specialist, don’t hesitate to pay a therapist or psychiatrist a visit.

Here are some of the smartphone app types that you may try for anxiety management:

For Encouraging Slow, Deep Breaths

When suffering from an anxiety attack, it’s of utmost importance for you to take slow, deep breaths. Otherwise, you may end up feeling dizzy and even more anxious as a result of hyperventilation — an abnormally rapid breathing rate.

Some smartphone apps for encouraging slow and deep breaths come with animations that help not only get rid of your hyperventilation, but also keep your mind away from your anxious thoughts. Look for an app that lets you tweak some parameters, like the length of inhalations and exhalations.

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For Pressing Certain Points on the Body

If you’re into ancient healing, then it’s a wonderful idea for you to install an app on your smartphone that teaches you several different acupressure points that can help relieve your anxiety.

With illustration guides, you will know which points on your body you should press for a few seconds to lower your level of anxiety. Some acupressure points are great for reducing many common anxiety symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, nausea, acid reflux and increased heart rate.

For Dealing With Insomnia

One of the most common complications of having anxiety is failure to get a good night’s sleep each time. If popping a sleeping pill in your mouth is a no-no, you may use an app that generates nature sounds.

What’s so great about some of these apps is you can combine all sorts of soothing sounds from nature, and they range from the rushing of a river, falling of rain to croaking of frogs. In order to save your smartphone’s battery from ending up drained, look for a nature sound app with an in-built timer.

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For Promoting Mindful Meditation

A lot of experts recommend acknowledging and observing anxious thoughts or feelings in a non-judgmental way instead of ignoring them, and they refer to it as mindful meditation.

Through the use of a mindful meditation app, you will be guided on how to target anything that is leaving you feeling anxious, thus encouraging you to attain a sounder state of mind. Look for a mindful meditation app that offers a number of personalization feature as every single anxious person is different.

For Keeping the Mind Busy

So many different smartphone apps designed for people with anxiety can help in keep one’s mind preoccupied, resulting in a more relaxed mental state.

There is no denying that coloring book apps are some of the most popular ones. Especially if you consider yourself as a creative person, then you can benefit from a nice coloring book app — it keeps you from focusing on your anxious thoughts and at the same time enables you to let your creative juices flow.

Are there other types of smartphone apps for anxiety that you can think of? Feel free to share some of those that you have already installed and used in the comments section below so that others may give them a try as well!

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