7 Surprising Health Benefits of Eggs

Cooked in as many ways as there are as many consumers, eggs provide multiple health benefits that will surprise you. Do not think that because they are as familiar as the back of your hands, eggs will not put you on a shock.

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Here are some shocking truths about how healthy eggs are:

Easy to Digest

Whether poached or boiled, eggs are always easy in the stomach. They improve the immune system of the body.

Reduces the Risk of Breast Cancer

For almost 44 percent, a consumption of at least six eggs a week can lessen the risks of breast cancer, according to several studies.

Good for Eyesight

Two carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, keep the vision clear and help the eyes to be healthy. Consumers are protected from macular degeneration , cataract, and the adverse effects of UV rays.

Improves Nails and Hair Health

Sulphur-rich amino acids are found in eggs. They improve the health of nails as well as the quality of the hair. Other minerals are great contributors to the health of hair, too, such as iron, zinc, and selenium.

Maintains Body Weight

To those interested in gaining muscle weight, eggs are the best choice to bulk up on protein. Eating eggs contribute to lesser chances of overeating. As a result, body weight is maintained.

Makes the Bones Strong

For the absorption of calcium, Vitamin D is necessary. Eggs come with great amounts of Vitamin D. Along with phosphorous and calcium, eggs prevent bone problems such as osteoporosis and boost bone density,

Essential for Brain Health

Eggs boost the brains health by giving choline. Choline serves as neurotransmitters. Folate, found in egg yolks, maintains the nerve cells, inducing the brain to function properly.

Vitamin B12 helps in the production of myelin sheath, an agent that protects the brain from defects.


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