Unexpected Health Benefits of Acerola Cherries

Have you heard about acerola cherries? Well, they’re not really cherries although they certainly look very much like them. It’s not fair to think of these red-colored beauties as mere copycats. Even though they may not look original, acerola cherries can actually impress with the numerous health benefits they bring.

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Acerola cherries are actually the fruits of a humble shrub that’s native to Central and South America, although it is now also being cultivated in other parts of the planet such as in various parts of India and southern areas of the US. By the way, sometimes they are called “West Indian myrtle” and “Barbados cherry”.

In places where they are found abundantly, acerola cherries are commonly eaten as they are. However, because of their pleasing taste, it’s not uncommon for them to be turned into jams and also added to various baked treats. Acerola cherries are also usually turned into dessert flavoring, juice and alcoholic beverage, too.

Consider yourself very fortunate if you happen to chance upon some acerola cherries at your local supermarket or health food shop because it only means that you have the opportunity to bring home some and enjoy the many health perks they’re known to offer. Some of the benefits that will surely impress you are:

They Help Control Blood Sugar

Diabetics and those who are at high risk of it can benefit from the consumption of acerola cherries. It’s for the fact that these cherry-like fruits contain natural sugars only and, more importantly, they are good sources of fiber. Experts say that fiber helps in regulating the amount of sugar released into the bloodstream at a given time.

They Optimize Digestion

Consuming acerola cherries as desserts is a phenomenal idea, especially if you seem to suffer from indigestion after a meal, particularly if it’s spicy, greasy or starchy. That’s because the fiber content of these fruits native to Central and South America help promote better digestion. Further, they encourage the multiplication of beneficial microbes in the gut.

They Promote Regularity, Too

Since they contain fiber, acerola cherries are great for people who are prone to getting constipated. Fiber helps promote regular bowel movement by creating bulk, thus facilitating the expulsion of the by-products of digestion. The intake of acerola cherries for constipation prevention is best paired with plenty of fluids as well as regular exercise.

They Help Energize Your Body

Numerous nutrients can be found in acerola cherries, and some of the most notable ones are B vitamins. Such group of vitamins is crucial for the conversion of food into fuel, which only means an increase in energy levels. By the way, experts say that B vitamins are also necessary for maintaining healthy brain and nerve cells.

They Strengthen the Immune System

Acerola cherries also yield impressive amounts of vitamin C, a nutrient so important for strengthening the immune system. Something as simple as including these red treats and other excellent sources of vitamin C in your diet on a regular basis can help in considerably lowering your risk of suffering from upper respiratory tract infections.

They Also Slow Down Aging

Vitamin C found abundantly in acerola cherries is actually an antioxidant, which is something that deactivates excess free radicals. Surely, you wouldn’t want those free radicals to remain in action because they damage cells of the body, including those that make up your skin. So in other words, acerola cherries serve as anti-aging agents.

They Help Keep the Ticker Healthy

Potassium is another nutrient present in acerola cherries, and it’s for this reason exactly why their consumption is perfect for individuals who are battling high blood pressure or hypertension. Potassium helps lower the blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to dilate, allowing blood to flow much more freely through them.

Not a lot of people have heard about acerola cherries. Kindly repost this article on social media to let your loved ones know just how amazing these cherry-like fruits are in promoting good health!

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