Two-Ingredient Banana Nut Ice Cream Recipe

Ice cream is always a delight to eat, especially during hot summer days. Unfortunately, this treat is loaded with sugar that can easily make you gain unwanted pounds, in particular if you fail to consume ice cream in moderation.

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Looking for a way to enjoy your favorite dessert but without wrecking your figure and also your health? Then read on. Below you will learn how to make banana nut ice cream from scratch!

Isn’t it something that requires a lot of cash and hard work, too? Not if it’s made without the use of an expensive ice cream machine and requires only a couple of ingredients! Yup, that’s how trouble-free it is to make homemade banana nut ice cream! Without much effort on your part, you can enjoy a serving of this healthy and delectable treat.

What are the things that make this DIY ice cream so good for you?

First, the star ingredients are bananas, and everyone knows that they are excellent sources of potassium that keeps the blood pressure from rising.

Second, bananas are loaded with dietary fiber that helps prevent constipation. But since bananas are packed with dietary fiber, make sure that you also drink lots of water and get regular exercise. Otherwise, having bananas can actually leave you constipated! This is the reason why bananas are also good remedies for diarrhea.

Then nuts are the other ingredients in the two-ingredient ice cream recipe you will find below. We all know that nuts are good for the body because they are great sources of beneficial fats that promote healthy heart and joints. Nuts are also very good sources of vitamin E that your skin needs to stay looking young.

Which nuts can you use for your ice cream-making at home? Any nut that comes to mind! You may go for walnuts or almonds. You may choose pecans or pistachios. Or you may pick cashews or macadamia nuts. What’s so great about the two-ingredient banana nut ice cream you will learn to make later on is it’s so customizable!

So without further ado, let’s check out the recipe. This banana nut ice cream recipe yields 10 scoops of ice cream, perfect for when family members and friends pay you a visit!


10 medium-sized ripe bananas 

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1/4 cup of nuts (coarsely ground)


-Peel bananas and slice them all up. 

-Grab a freezer-safe bowl and place bananas in it. Allow them to cool for an hour or two. 

-Afterwards, place bananas in your food processor, and blend on high. Stop once smooth. 

-Transfer to a large mixing bowl. 

-Add coarsely ground nuts and mix using a wooden spoon or plastic spatula. 

-Stash the mixture in the freezer and serve when set.

That’s how really easy it is to make banana nut ice cream! There’s no need to use an ice cream machine, and there’s no need to buy more than a couple of ingredients.

Ripe bananas are naturally sweet, so there is no need to add sugar. But if your sweet tooth is craving for something that’s really saccharine, then feel free to top a serving of it with honey or maple syrup.

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