Ways to Improve Your Mood (Part 1)

The human psyche is as complicated as it is vast. It encompasses all the thoughts and feelings that are consciously or unconsciously utilized by the body to react to certain social and physical environment. This includes our ever-changing mood which is the emotional state wherein emotions and feelings are less definite, decreased intensity and can be either of a positive or a negative effect.

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And since moods are borne from the human psyche, there are some factors that can drastically change them from positive to negative and vice versa. These are the following:

Chemical Imbalances

Essentially, all the brain’s processes have a chemical interaction with substances produced by the body or from external sources such as food, sunlight and water. With this said, emotions and moods also rely on these chemical processes working efficiently. When there is an imbalance in these chemicals or the hormones that act like the chemical messengers of the body, our mood changes in an instant. Serious chemical imbalances can cause mood disorders which can be very dangerous such as depression.


As mentioned above, chemical interactions can involve external sources such as food. When the body ingests the food, it is processed to their chemical compositions to be utilized by the body. When there is a deficiency or an overflow of such external sources, it can cause adverse effect on the body such as mood swings.


Stress is defined in terms of the human body as any pressure from internal or external forces to the human body. This can definitely be manifested by the changes in your mood. As backed by thousands of researches, stress has a direct effect to the body whether it may be the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual aspect of the person.

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Environment can also play a role in changing your mood. For an example, experts have concluded that certain colors alleviate your mood while others do the opposite. It has also been noted that more people responded positively to a change of scenery to one they are used to seeing.


The mind if used to its optimum potential, you have the opportunity to actively change your mood and your overall outlook on things. Sometimes people often get stuck in a rut because they couldn’t shake off the negative mood they are in. Thus, getting themselves more immersed in their mood.

Social Interactions

Certain situations with specific people can have a direct effect to mood changes. As an example, love or being with someone you love can trigger the brain to release hormones related to happiness and overall good mood.

Facial expressions

The mind and body connection is often a subject for debate. However, this did not stop experts from saying that the act of smiling actually makes your mood lighter. It in a sense tricks the body that it is in a good mood even though it is the exact opposite. This also goes for laughing and creating weird facial expressions.

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