Rib Reduction FOR A SMALLER WAIST: Is it for real?

The hourglass has been used as the standard of sexy among women. The waist is always the factor that classifies women as being attractive, regardless the weight. Women have felt the pressure to adjust to the standards of beauty as served by the media.

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As a result, women have flocked to surgical enhancements like breast augmentation, tummy tucksare, and brazzilian butt lifts. The need to enhance the lady curves has sent the health and wellness industry to frenzy.


These days, some operations have gone to the extreme: the removal of a rib bone, or more.


Corsets in the Victorian era have promoted the idea of getting the hourglass shape in extreme measures. In the 70’s, the ideas sparked again with the rumors of Cher getting the procedure done. Plastic surgeons recognize the risk of removing of a rib and the complications that might occur because of the surgery. The rib’s design is to cover the vital organs of the body.


The Procedure

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Rib removal is done by extracting the lower ribs to form a slimmer waist. Ribs 10, 11, and 12 are the usual target. Rib 11 and rib 12 are coined as the ‘floating ribs.’ This means that the organs they cover are those organs in front of the body.  With the 10th rib, most surgeons hesitate as it covers both the front and the back organs.


General anesthesia is applied during the procedure, making the patient completely unconscious.  Recovery is a pain, too. Some patients take up to half a year before the pain disappears. Scars on the back will be visible, too, where the incisions were done.


This procedure has been shunned by many doctors. Health experts find it too extreme to be done. The vital organs are at risk and the process is irreversible. The kidneys, gall bladder and sections of the stomach will be affected.


In cases of developmental growth problems and bone cancer, the process is embraced. As for aesthetic purposes, exercises and routines are still the best way to achieve the hour glass shape. All you need to do is spend some hours on routine work.


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