10 Best Recommended Foods for the New Mothers

There is no joy greater than giving birth, at least according to those who have been through it. However, it can’t be denied that it is exhausting and rigorous amount of discipline is necessary.
A balanced diet is another vital point to keep, too.

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With its richness in Vitamin E and other essential fats, almonds are great sources of a wide range of supplements and nutrients. It will benefit both the mother and the baby. The omega-3 fatty acids and other essential fatty acids increase the supply of milk. They also provide the calcium and protein which are both good for the bones and teeth.

Besides its great help in the digestive process, it also increases the production of milk. They help in the prevention of colic. One effective method to include fennel in the daily diet is to drink fennel water.

To do this, boil a teaspoon of its seeds in four cups of water. Wait for five minutes to let it simmer the turn the heat off. To taste, add half a teaspoon of sugar and honey. Drink it for the whole day. Some recommend munching on the seeds after each meal. It works as a great mouth freshener, too.

To help in the stimulation of the production of milk, mothers are recommended to drink some milk, too. With milk packed with the much needed protein, Vitamin D and Vitamin B, and other essential nutrients. It is vital for the development of babies. Calcium is replenished with calcium. Milk also keeps the body hydrated.

Since it is rich in folic acid, all the green leafy vegetables are necessary to be included in the diet of mothers. Vitamin A and manganese help in the development of the bones. They are also helpful with the development of the collagen and cartilage which are highly essential for C-section mothers.

Spinach is a great source of non-dairy calcium, Vitamin C, and iron. All of which are good the babies.

Blue berries being rich in antioxidants are effective at eliminating the free radicals in the body. They will help in keeping the baby from illnesses and diseases. Blueberries are packed with all the essential vitamin and minerals that a mother would need. Carbohydrates in blueberries are a great energy booster. Eating two are more servings helps in coping with stress that involves with being a mother.

Phytoestrogens help in lactation. Being rich in calcium, iron, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals, it is good for the development of the babies. It also has saponins which are also highly beneficial.

Brown Rice
Although it is great in keeping the energy level up, it still works in keeping the blood sugar level at its normal levels. It also contains more fibers and essential nutrients than the highly processed white rice.

Eggs are rich in amino acid and protein which provides strength and stamina. They are also one of the natural sources of Vitamin D. Choline in eggs is necessary to build the baby’s brain’s memory center.

Because of its high nutritional value, Salmons are recommended for babies. It contains Omega-3 and loaded with DHA. Docosahexaenoic acid is needed by the body to develop the baby’s nervous system. Protein and Vitamin B12 help in the prevention of the postpartum depression.

Since oatmeal is rich in fiber and is a popular lactogenic food it is a great choice for new mothers. It is also helpful in cases of iron-deficiency anemia. It helps in increasing the supply of milk.
Check these foods and help new mothers recover from the exhaustive labor pains and the stresses that come with giving birth. Make it a point that new mothers receive all the necessary nutrients needed for growth and development.

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